David Schmidtz

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Kendrick Professor of Philosophy and joint Professor of Economics






Freedom Center - Marshall 280

Office Hours: 

Not Teaching, Fall 2014



Ph.D.      1988     U of Arizona                        Philosophy

M.A.       1987     U of Arizona                         Economics

         (1985-87: Research Assistant, Economic Science Lab)

M.A.       1985     U of Arizona                         Philosophy    

B.A.       1983     U of Saskatchewan             Philosophy


Selected Publications: 


Creating Wealth: Ethical & Economic Perspectives, editor, San Diego: Cognella Academic Publishing (2011). 2nd edition with co-editor John Thrasher forthcoming in 2012.

A Brief History of Liberty, co-author Jason Brennan, Malden, MA: Blackwell (2010).

Person, Polis, Planet, NY: Oxford (2008). 

Elements of Justice, NY: Cambridge (2006).

Environmental Ethics: What Really Matters, What Really Works, co-editor E. Willott, NY: Oxford (2002). 2nd edition published in 2011.

Robert Nozick, editor, NY: Cambridge (2002).

Social Welfare & Individual Responsibility, co-author Robert Goodin, NY: Cambridge (1998).

Rational Choice & Moral Agency, Princeton: Princeton  (1995).  

The Limits of Government: An Essay on the Public Goods Argument, Boulder: Westview (1991).



 Review: "Not for Sale" Journal of Philosophy 108 (2011) in press.

 "Nonideal Theory: What It Is and What it Needs to Be," Ethics 121 (2011) in press

“When Justice Matters,” Ethics 117 (2007) 433-59.

“How To Deserve,” Political Theory 30 (2002) 774-99.

“Natural Enemies,” Environmental Ethics 22 (2000) 397-408.

“Islands In a Sea of Obligation: An Essay on the Duty to Rescue,” Law & Philosophy 19 (2000) 683-705.

“Are All Species Equal?” Journal of Applied Philosophy 15 (1998) 57-67.

“When Preservationism Doesn’t Preserve,” Environmental Values 7 (1997) 327-39.

“Choosing Ends,” Ethics 104 (1994) 226-51.

“Rationality Within Reason,” Journal of Philosophy 89 (1992) 445-66.

“Justifying the State,” Ethics 101 (1990) 89-102.  




Courses Taught: 

Introductory:        Ethics & Economics of Wealth Creation, Ancient & Medieval Phil, Modern Phil

Upper Level:        Environmental Ethics, Phil of Law, Metaethics, Decision Theory, Phil of Freedom

Seminars:            Nonideal Theory, Justice & Education, Purpose of Moral Theory, Welfare, Justice, Value in Nature, Why Be Moral?                                   Equality, Hobbes, History of Liberty, Phil of Economics, Practical Reason, Social Norms

MA in Econ Education: Ethical Entrepreneurship, Economics & Environment, Games & Decisions

Law School:        First year: Property (Florida State)

                              Upper year: Environmental Philosophy & Policy