May 4 Philosophy of Law Workshop featuring Stefan Sciaraffa


Fri, 05/04/2012 - 12:30 to 18:00


The UA Philosophy Department is pleased to present a workshop on Friday, May 4, highlighting the work of Stefan Sciaraffa, Professor of Philosophy, McMaster University.  The workshop will take place in the Student Union Ventana Room, 12:30-6pm.


Three sessions will focus on the following chapters in Sciaraffa's manuscript on the philosophy of law:

Session I, 12:30-2pm: 
"Hermeneutic Concepts And Immodest Conceptual Analysis Of The Law," commented upon by Brian Leiter, University of Chicago

Session II, 2:30-4pm: 
"Legal Metasemantics: How To Argue About The Structure And Content Of The Rule Of Recognition," commented upon by Connie Rosati, University of Arizona

Session III, 4:30-6pm: 
"A General Account Of Authority And Its Justifications," commented upon by Brian Bix, University of Minnesota


Department  members may access an abstract and three chapters for the sessions at this password-protected site: .  (Log in on the home page with UA UserID and password.)  To make other arrangements, please call Sandra Kimball in the Department of Philosophy, or 621-5045.

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