Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL) Club

For those who aren't already familiar with us, the Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law Club is a student organization focused on exploring and expounding upon the four intersecting disciplines from which we take our name.  Meetings are aimed at PPEL majors, but are open to anyone. Anyone can take part in our discussion sessions, study groups, group readings, and debates, which are structured to accommodate a wide collection of people and philosophies. Supplementary to meetings are lectures from faculty members, graduate students, and members of the legal, political, and economic community at large.

There are many benefits of attending meetings, but perhaps none are as important as getting to know your peers, building friendships, and making connections with members of the field.

PPEL meetings are usually on Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 p.m. This is subject to change depending on when the presenters are available.

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Brian McElroy (President)

I'm a senior in PPEL and plan to graduate in May 2017 with other bachelor degrees in Neuroscience & Cognitive Science and Creative Writing. The U of A has incredible opportunities for interdisciplinary work, and if there's something that I love, it's how one field of study and thought can make another all the more interesting! My goals as president include expanding the club and expanding the subject matter of discussions and lectures past socioeconomic philosophy into related fields like social psychology, epistemology, and political science. I am a Tucson native, love theatre, and once missed a stationary pinata while not blindfolded and somehow swung the metal bat into my neighbor instead.



Gabriel Acosta (Co-Vice President)

I’m a senior in the PPEL program and am also minoring in Pre-Law. The reason I joined PPEL was to get a better understanding of the socioeconomic factors that shape our society. I am hoping to apply what I have learned in PPEL to a future career in politics. Looking back, what makes the PPEL major special is the close relationships you form with your cohort and other members. Both the club and the major provide an opportunity to talk and grow with like-minded individuals. The desire to make this program grow is what got me into the PPEL Club.



Aleksandra Petkovic (Co-Vice President)

I'm a double major here at the UA in PPEL and Economics with a minor in Spanish. Originally thinking law was my main interest, I have loved how PPEL has exposed me to areas of study and ideas I had never before considered. Now finishing up my PPEL major, my career goals and interests have completely shifted from where I first started out. The relationship that exists between political philosophy and economics is what truly fascinates me and is what I hope to continue studying postgrad, eventually receiving my PhD. I would love to one day work for an international organization advising on economic and political policy.



Kyle O'Brien (Social Chair)

I'm a freshman in the PPEL undergraduate program and have worked extensively in local political efforts such as: The Barber Campaign, The Rothschild Campaign, and numerous City Council Campaigns. I'm excited to be a part of the vibrant and involved community at the University of Arizona.




Alonso Alberto Vidal (Treasurer)

I am currently a senior in PPEL and minoring in Spanish. I have an interest in how philosophy of economics fits with empirical data of markets all the while trying to fit morality (e.g. equality and liberty) into the question. I also have other interests like psychology and eastern philosophies.

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