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Welcome to Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law!

This is an exciting interdisciplinary program for students with varied interests. There is a good deal to learn before deciding if this major is right for you.

Please read the Policies and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the PPEL program.

You may also click here to visit the PPEL website.

Freshmen, Sophomores and Transfer students:
Visit the SBS College Advisor, Sarah Williams to learn more. To make an appointment with Sarah, visit: WiseAdvise

PPEL majors who would like to enroll in POL 206 do not have to contact SGPP advising, you now can contact your advisor, Sarah Williams by email at sjw7@email.arizona.edu to request that you be enrolled in the class.

Students in, or applying for Advanced Standing:

Once you are ready to apply for Advanced Standing, you will meet with Dr. Laura Howard. I look forward to helping you through to the completion of your PPEL degree!

Dr. Howard's office hours are located here

When you apply for advanced standing, you will be given a writing assignment to complete, which involves analyzing a published article. you'll be given specific instuctions when we send out the call for applications by email. You may also include a Personal Statement if you like; that should be no more than one page. The personal statement is an opportunity to explain why you think you would succeed in the program and what you would add to the PPEL community here at UA. Avoid explaining how much you want to get in (because everyone does!). We want to know that you are committed to the rigor of this program, and we are interested in your long term goals after graduation.

The call for applications for Advanced Standing Spring 2016 was sent on 02/02/16. Contact Dr. Howard ASAP if you did not receive the assignment.

Good Learning and Good Luck!

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