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Mindful Ambassadors of Campus Health/CAPS is recruiting students for 2017-18!

Mindful Ambassadors are UA graduate and undergraduate students who study mindful practice and give brief presentations around campus – sharing mindfulness with their peers. The training program includes:​

  • Intensive introduction (Fri 9/8, 7-9 pm; Sat 9/9, 9 am - 4 pm)
  • Ongoing training sessions, Fridays 4-6 pm (weekly in early fall, then twice-monthly)
  • A practical manual with exercises and guidelines for effective presentations

To learn more, review the FLYER and sign up for one of the following one-hour Information Sessions:

​Fri, June 23, 3 pm
|Thu, June 29, 4 pm
Wed, July 12, 3 pm
Fri, July 21, 4 pm
Fri, Aug 25, 4 pm
Tue, Aug 29, 3 pm


"I feel grateful every day to be a part of the program for my own self-care, and to be trained to share these practices with others. It could not have come at a better time in my medical training!"  - LW, medical student​


Dear Wildcats!

Enroll in HED 350 and share your college experiences with middle school students in Tucson!  This course is a Tier-2 Gen Ed and qualifies for the 100% Engagement Designation on your transcript.

Please view this link for a short video made by one of our SOAR Mentors:

Higher Education 350: STUDENT OUTREACH, ACCESS, & RESILIENCY IN EDUCATION - Mondays & Wednesdays 3-4:15pm

This course will introduce students to the role of individual, cultural, social and environmental factors that affect student academic achievement and the path to higher education in the United States. Students will be exposed to literature and discussions that will allow them to analyze the major theories and research conducted in the areas of college access, outreach, academic achievement, and resiliency. The Service-Learning component of this course (known as Project SOAR) exposes students to these various factors first-hand as they serve as mentors to students at middle schools in Tucson. Students will bring their experience back to the classroom to enhance and refine their understanding of the course topics, and provide a local angle on the theories and literature discussed in-class.

Project SOAR mentors said:

Best part about mentoring:

            ...working with my buddy who didn’t speak English. Breaking the language barrier was a great experience.

            ...seeing the smiles and joy from the mentees when we arrived on campus.

            ...being able to make a difference in their lives.

            ...each of my mentees now has college aspirations and a brighter view of what college has to offer them.

            ...I truly believe that this program has helped me just as much—if not more—than helping the students that I worked with.

“My relationship with my mentee is the most important thing I gained from this is incredible to feel that you can make a difference.”

“My dream career is still to be a teacher. This class has only reinforced my want to be a teacher that makes a difference and advocates for the students. As a future teacher, I hope to incorporate my students’ lives into the classroom and

provide ways for them to connect and get excited about learning.”

Mentees said:

“Thank you for helping me with my homework and just talking to me.”

“Thank you for helping me pick a school.”

“Thank you for mentoring me and talking to me about college.”    

If you have any questions please email me at Looking forward to meeting you next semester!


The University of Arizona Choral Program

The University of Arizona Choral Program offers EIGHT curricular choral ensembles for all university students, faculty, and staff. Get your fine arts credit by singing in one of our outstanding choirs! All choirs are open to ALL students. We are now accepting registration for Fall 2017 – simply sign up for a stress-free five-minute choral placement, taking place in the Fred Fox School of Music on August 18th, 19th, and 20th, 2017.

Follow this link to register for your choral placement and to join one of our choirs!

For a description of all choirs offered, please visit

Choral ensembles offered for the 2017-1028 academic year are: Mus200J/400J, MUS 200S/400S, MUS 200I/400I, MUS 400L/500L, MUS 402/502, MUS 400Q/500Q, and MUS 200K/400K/500K (all one credit hour)

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Erin Plisco at

See the flyer HERE for more info!


Still looking for that perfect class to fill the last spot on your fall 2017 schedule?

Look no further than:

ENGL 488b: American Modernist Poetry
TuTh 11:00am-12:15pm
Professor Nathanson

American poets were instrumental in shaping the movement known as modernism. Stressing experiment and innovation, their work challenged conventional conceptions of poetry, creating a hyper-textual space in which competing idioms, discourses, and models of social and political action could jostle freely. (Contemporary poetry, especially so-called “composition by field,” is very much an outgrowth of modernist practice.) We will focus on the work of such major American modernist poets as Eliot, Pound, Williams, H.D., Stevens, Moore, and Crane.  We will stress close reading of individual poems but will also explore modernism as a program of literary and cultural innovation. 

Requirements: three short papers (3-5 pp. each), or two short papers plus a journal of imitations; a final exam.

Not an English major? Not a problem! If you are interested in enrolling in this course, please contact one of our academic advisors for assistance.

Last Names A-K: contact Sandra Holm at Last Names L-Z: contact Racheal Shertzer at


SPAN 150B2 (Tier 1, Individuals and Societies) The Politics of Language: U.S. Latinos, Language, and Society

Dr. Lillian Gorman
MWF 12-­12:50pm
Fall 2017

Did you know the U.S. is the world’s 2nd largest Spanish speaking country? Did you know Latinxs/Hispanics are the largest ethnic minority in the country?

Learn about the connections between Latinxs, language, politics, and identity in Tucson and throughout the U.S.


Do you want to experience the taste of medieval Muslim courts as if you lived those days? Do you want to know more about cultural aspects of the first Muslim dynasties? How did the father kings treat their sons?, and how the sons did reply?

Take MENA 277 A (History of Middle East) and earn credits for your General Education (Tier II) from where you are, in the state or abroad! It is an easy and relaxing course for summer, recharging you for a new start in fall. There is no need to buy a book! All teaching materials will be uploaded on D2L.

MENA 277 A  provides a historical overview of the first nine centuries of Islamic civilization. It focuses primarily on the major political dynasties in the Middle East, as well as global events, such as the Crusader and Mongol invasions. You will read short narratives of historical events from primary sources in English, along with analytical secondary sources. After this course, you are familiar with the spiritual and intellectual life of the classical Islamic world and you have familiarity with the world of Persian literature, the iconic poets and historians of time, and in general the Islamic material culture.

For more info, view the flyer HERE


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