Nov 7, 2014 • Philosophy Colloquium: Chris Maloney


Fri, 11/07/2014 - 15:00 to 17:00


The Fall 2014 Philosophy Colloquium Series anticipates our own Chris Maloney, UA Professor of Philosophy.  The title of his talk is  "The Character And Content Of Experience."  (Abstract below.) 

Friday, Nov 7, 3-5pm, Social Sciences 224 (1145 E South Campus Drive).



The notoriously hard problem of consciousness asks whether the phenomenal character of conscious experience might be mundane. Intentionalism answers positively by construing experiential character as naturalized cognitive content. I argue that this influential doctrine unfortunately fails to accommodate the divergence of character manifest in various cognitive modes with coincident content. The path to my conclusion wanders through consideration of the capacity of present memory to echo past experience. Along the way, I pause to salute and grapple with the important ideas of Lycan, Byrne, Tye and Sperling.




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