Nov 9-10, 2015 • The Political Philosophy of Corporate Governance Conference


Mon, 11/09/2015 - 15:00 to Tue, 11/10/2015 - 13:00

The Center for Law and Philosophy is pleased to announce a conference at the University of Arizona on
The Political Philosophy of Corporate Governance
Monday and Tuesday, November 9-10

The participants are:
Thomas Christiano, Philosophy and Law, University of Arizona
David Ciepley, Political Science, University of Denver and Institute for Advanced Studies
Waheed Hussain, Philosophy, University of Toronto
Christopher McMahon, Philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara
Ugo Pagano, Economics, University of Siena
Simone Sepe, Law and Finance, University of Arizona and Northwestern University
Lynn Stout, Law, Cornell University

The sessions will be in the Presidio Room of the Student Union (1303 E University Boulevard 85719).

First session:  Monday
245-3pm  Introduction, coffee and cookies
3-4pm  Christopher McMahain, "Public Capitalism and Corporate Group Agency"
Break 4-415pm
415-515pm  Lynn Stout, "The Corporation and the Question of Time"
Break 515-530pm
530pm – 630pm  Waheed Hussain, "Intermediation and Market Governance"

Dinner in Tucson at Wildflower at about 730pm.

Second session: Tuesday
930-1030am  Ugo Pagano, "Things, Person and Hybrids"
Break 1030-1045am
1045-1145am  David Ciepley, "Some Thought On Corporate Responsibility"
Break 1145-12pm
12-1pm  Tom Christiano and Simone Sepe, "Fairness, Efficiency and Corporate Governance"

Lunch at nearby restaurant

The papers will be available about a week in advance.

If you would like to attend sessions please contact Thomas Christiano, or Simone Sepe .  We can give you access to the papers.

The conference is sponsored by the James Rogers College of Law and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Arizona.




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