Oct 8 - Freedom Center Colloquium Series: Carolina Sartorio


Thu, 10/08/2015 - 12:30 to 13:45

On Oct 8, the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom will host our own Carolina Sartoria as part of the Freedom Center Colloquium Series.  The title of her talk is "PAP-Style Cases."  (Abstract below.)

Thursday, Oct 8, 12:30-1:45pm, in the Kendrick Room at the Freedom Center, Marshall 280 (right above Paradise Bakery).  Feel free to bring lunch.

For further information, please visit the Arizona Freedom Center at http://freedomcenter.arizona.edu/colloquium


Over the years, two models of metaphysical freedom have emerged as competitors: the alternative-possibilities model, which states that acting freely consists (at least partly) in being able to do otherwise, and, more recently, the actual-sequence model, which states that acting freely is exclusively a function of the actual sequence of events issuing in our behavior. In general, a natural strategy when trying to decide between two models of a certain concept is to look for examples that support one model and undermine the other. Frankfurt-style cases have been used for this kind of purpose, to challenge the alternative-possibilities view and support the actual-sequence view. In this paper I examine the prospects of the counterparts of Frankfurt-style cases: “PAP-style” cases, or cases that could be used to support the alternative-possibilities view and challenge the actual-sequence view. I argue that there are no successful PAP-style cases.

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