Alexander Motchoulski

Ph.D. Student

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Alex Motshoulski
Alexander Motchoulski is a fourth year PhD student in philosophy at the university of Arizona. He works in social and political philosophy, with his research involving such topics as distributive justice, egalitarianism, social contract theory, theories of public reason, democratic theory, and theories of political authority. His research often draws on the interdisciplinary tools of politics, philosophy, and economics ("PPE") bringing to bear formal and empirical insights from neighboring fields to social and political philosophy. His dissertation is titled Equality and the Social Contract, and it explores the relationship between social contract theory and egalitarian moral principles, arguing that social contract theory entails substantive egalitarian commitments. He had begun writing his dissertation under Jerry Gaus, and is completing under the supervision of Tom Christiano and Allen Buchanan. You can find his work in such venues as: The Journal of Philosophy, The Canadian Journal of Philosophy, Synthese, and The European Journal of Philosophy.