William (Zev) Berger

William (Zev) Berger

Affiliated Faculty
Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Political Economy & Moral Science

Social Sciences 111B

Office Hours: Tuesday 3:30PM-5:30PM, Wednesday 3:00PM-4:00PM via Zoom

I am a political theorist that works at the intersection of political epistemology and political psychology. I employ a broad range of methods, including game theory, computational modeling, and experimental design and statistical modeling, to weigh in on questions regarding not only how we think and feel, but also the upshot of those patterns for our normative aspirations for the world. I'm one of a few, but growing number of political theorists who work both normatively and empirically. My research interests include:

  • Democratic theory and epistemic democracy
  • Political epistemology and psychology
  • Social norms
  • Trust, inequality, and polarization
  • Political sentimentality and affect