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The UA Undergraduate philosophy club is a fun and academically enriching organization of philosophy majors and other students from many different disciplines. The club meets the first and third Thursdays of every month, and faculty speakers are featured at most meetings. The club is a recognized ASUA organization.

You can find out more by looking for our group on Facebook.

Regular meetings of the Club for Spring 2016: Thursdays @ 7 p.m., SS 307


Caitlin Ann Good -- President

I am a senior undergraduate student majoring in philosophy and psychology. My areas of interest are theory of mind, cognitive development, epistemology, decision theory, and temporal phenomenology. Currently, I am president of the undergraduate philosophy club—for the remaining duration of the the Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 semesters—and I would like to encourage anyone interested to visit our Facebook page for information regarding our weekly meetings! 


Asher Benter -- Vice President

Major: Hydrology.
Philosophy interests: Ethics, cognitive science



Anthony Holbrook -- Treasurer

I am Anthony Holbrook, current Treasurer of the Philosophy Club at the University of Arizona and Masters student in the Philosophy AMP. I enjoy philosophy almost as much as I enjoy life. My particular interests are in philosophy of mind (especially the hard problem and perception), ancient philosophy (especially the transmission of mystery cult beliefs and shamanistic practices), philosophy of language, and mathematics (but I am definitely not a mathematician). I am still on the fence regarding the feasibility of ethics; if I had to commit, a virtue based ethical egoism would be my ship to sail. Aside from philosophy I love music, fantasy and science-fiction novels, hiking, and watching anime.




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