Disputed Moral Issues

By Mark Timmons
Oxford University Press
November 2016

Frome the publisher:
Ideal for courses in contemporary moral problems, applied ethics, and introduction to ethics, Disputed Moral Issues: A Reader, Fourth Edition, offers a unique pedagogical approach that bridges moral theory and applied ethics. Bringing together seventy engaging articles, it also includes an accessible Moral Theory Primer (Chapter 1). Each selection is enhanced by a host of pedagogical features, including concise summaries, reader cues referring to pertinent moral theories, and reading and discussion questions. A "Quick Guide to Moral Theories" at the front of the book and an extensive glossary of key terms are also included. A "User's Guide," which follows the preface, shows instructors how they can integrate moral theories and applied ethics into their courses.

"This is a superb collection and the best textbook in this area that I've seen. Its main strengths are the range of issues it covers, the wonderful way it excerpts longer pieces, and its discussion questions. Timmons' writing style is excellent--it is clear, engaging, and well-suited to undergraduate students. Disputed Moral Issues is the backbone of my course."--Adam Cureton, University of Tennessee

"I have the highest praise for Disputed Moral Issues in terms of its content, accessibility, and ability to foster lively debate on contemporary moral issues."--Frank Schalow, University of New Orleans

"This reader is exceptionally well done. The connection between theory and application is made beautifully clear."--Sara Roberts-Cady, Fort Lewis College

ISBN: 9780190490027