Reason, Value, and Respect: Kantian Themes from the Philosophy of Thomas E. Hill Jr.

By Mark Timmons & Robert N. Johnson
Oxford University Press
April 2015

From the publisher:
In thirteen specially written essays, leading philosophers explore Kantian themes in moral and political philosophy that are prominent in the work of Thomas E. Hill, Jr. The first three essays focus on respect and self-respect.; the second three on practical reason and public reason. The third section covers a set of topics in social and political philosophy, including Kantian perspectives on homicide and animals. The final set of essays discuss duty, volition, and complicity in ethics. In conclusion Hill offers an overview of his work and responses to the preceding essays.

"a first-rate collection that will be an invaluable resource not merely for students of Hill, but anyone concerned with Kantian ethics, moral psychology, or social philosophy." -- Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews Online

ISBN: 9780199699575