Creating Wealth: Ethical and Economic Perspectives

By David Schmidtz & John Thrasher
Cognella Academic Publishing
July 2013

From the publisher:
Creating Wealth: Ethical and Economic Perspectives is a collection of classic and contemporary economic and philosophical readings that explore these questions: How do agents in the marketplace manage to cooperate? When does such cooperation make the world a better place? What do agents in the marketplace need to do in order to succeed? What do they need to do to deserve to succeed? This text includes an introduction by the author, David Schmidtz, which gives readers a nontechnical overview of an ethical framework for evaluating both market behavior and market institutions. This is an ideal reader for classes in political philosophy, business ethics, ethics and economics, or contemporary moral problems. The readings selected for Creating Wealthare organized in seven topical chapters:

  • Cooperation and Division of Labor
  • Trust and Trade
  • Responsibility and Externalities
  • Mutual Respect and Exploitation
  • Self-Respect and Alienation
  • Order and Incentives
  • Equality and Mutual Advantage


ISBN: 9781626614222