Descriptions and Beyond

By Marga Reimer & Anne Bezuidenhout
oxford University Press
September 2004

From the publisher:
Marga Reimer and Anne Bezuidenhout present a collection of brand-new essays on important topics at the intersection of philosophy and linguistics. Written by a stellar line-up of contributors drawn from both disciplines, the papers will likewise attract a wide readership of professionals and students from either side.

"The current volume, released just in time for the centenary, shows unequivocally that Russell's analysis remains central to philosophy of language and linguistic semantics: the contributors are all major figures, the quality of the essays is quite high overall, and each essay addresses areas of current research...a glance at the recent literature reveals that interest in the theory of descriptions is as strong as ever. The volume is well organized, the material is often exciting, and the editors have done an impressive job...anyone interested in definite and indefinite descriptions, reference, quantification, pragmatics, anaphora, dynamic binding and descriptive names will want to have this book and devour as much of it as they can."--Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

ISBN: 9780199270521