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Fall philosophy courses of interest:
     PHIL 110 - Logic & Critical Thinking
     PHIL 150B - Personal Morality
     PHIL 160D2 - Mind, Matter & God
     PHIL 202 - Introduction to Symbolic Logic
     PHIL 345 - Philosophy & Psychiatry
     PHIL 348 - The Moral Mind
     PHIL 404 - The Ethical Marketplace
     PHIL 471B - Rationalism & Empiricism

Take a course with Noam Chomsky!

Course - Powerful Strategies to Improve Learning
This is a non-credit, no-cost, self-paced program offered on D2L for students interested in learning how to study more effectively and spend less time doing so.


Paid Study - Reading Study
The SCAN Lab is looking for young adults to participate in their Reading Study. This 2.5 hour-long study will consist of paper/pencil and computer assessments, along with a variety of brain scans. SCAN Lab Flyer
Posted: 8/19/19

Class - HED 350 - Higher Education Student Outreach - Project SOAR
This 3-unit course, a very unique Tier 2 Gen Ed, meets on Monday and Wednesday on campus and then the undergrads mentor at a local middle school one time per week! (Disclaimer: PHIL/PPEL majors do not have a Tier-2 INDV requirement unless they are in the Honors College.)
Posted: 8/15/19

Volunteer Opportunity - Camp Kesem
Camp Kesem is a national non-profit organization and ASUA recognized club that provides support for kids who are affected by a parent's cancer. They are currently looking for dedicated college student leaders to fill our coordinator board for the 2019-2020 school year. Visit kesem.org or contact the UA branch at uarizona@campkesem.org for more information and apply here.
Posted: 8/15/19

Event - Learning Assistants Quick Start Program
The program gives Learning Assistants an opportunity to learn from local and national experts about evidence-based teaching and learning strategies and to collaborate with their UA peers to prepare for these important duties.The fall 2019 Learning Assistant Quick Start Program will take place during the week before courses start: August 19th-26th, 2019.
Posted: 8/15/19

Event - UA Girls Who Code Club Open House
Are you interested in learning more about the UA Girls Who Code Club? Learn more about the club and how it supports when in technology at the Open House on September 7th. Flyer.
Posted: 8/15/19

CFP - Sapere Aude Undergraduate Journal
Sapere Aude, the undergraduate philosophy journal of the College of Wooster, will begin accepting paper submissions in January 2020. Visit the Sapere Aude website for details and updates.
Posted: 8/5/19

Class: Ling 211 - Language, Mind and Brain
Learn about language with the founder of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky! The student-community course will be taught by professors Noam Chomsky, Tom Bever, and Massimo Piatteli-Palmarini from October 17 to December 11, 2019.
Posted: 7/31/19

Arizona Supreme Court AmeriCorps
Interested in criminal justice, public service, law enforcement, social justice or working with youth? Become an member of the Arizona Supreme Court - Adult Probation Support Service AmeriCorps Program (APSS).
Posted: 7/30/19

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