Shauna Garland

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PublicationsThe Facts in Logical Space: A Tractarian Ontology Shauna Garland011 hours 56 min ago
PublicationsCausation and Free Will Shauna Garland011 hours 59 min ago
PublicationsConduct and Character: Readings in Moral Thoery Shauna Garland012 hours 2 min ago
PublicationsDescriptions and Beyond Shauna Garland012 hours 6 min ago
PublicationsHandbook of Political Theory Shauna Garland012 hours 12 min ago
PublicationsContemporary Perspectives on Early Modern Philosophy: Essays in Honor of Vere Chappell Shauna Garland012 hours 17 min ago
PublicationsArt, Self and Knowledge Shauna Garland012 hours 26 min ago
PublicationsDisputed Moral Issues Shauna Garland012 hours 29 min ago
PublicationsMetaethics after Moore Shauna Garland012 hours 32 min ago
PublicationsSextus Empiricus: Outlines of Scepticism Shauna Garland012 hours 36 min ago
PublicationsHumean Moral Pluralism Shauna Garland012 hours 45 min ago
PublicationsContemporay Debates in Political Philosophy Shauna Garland013 hours 53 min ago
PublicationsCreating Wealth: Ethical and Economic Perspectives Shauna Garland014 hours 21 min ago
PublicationsThe Constitution of Equality: Democratic Authority and Its Limits Shauna Garland014 hours 27 min ago
PublicationsPlato: A Very Short Introduction Shauna Garland014 hours 29 min ago
PublicationsCicero: On Moral Ends Shauna Garland014 hours 31 min ago
PublicationsKnowledge, Nature, and Norms Shauna Garland014 hours 36 min ago
PublicationsMoral Theory: An Introduction Shauna Garland014 hours 49 min ago
PublicationsThe Situated Self Shauna Garland014 hours 57 min ago
PublicationsRational Choice and Democratic Deliberation: A Theory of Discourse Failure Shauna Garland015 hours 33 sec ago
PublicationsPhilosophy and Democracy: An Anthology Shauna Garland015 hours 23 min ago
PublicationsVoices of Ancient Philosophy Shauna Garland015 hours 26 min ago
PublicationsMorality without Foundations: A Defense of Ethical Contextualism Shauna Garland015 hours 45 min ago
PublicationsRationality and the Good: Critical Essays on the Ethics and Epistemology of Robert Audi Shauna Garland015 hours 47 min ago
PublicationsRobert Nozick Shauna Garland015 hours 57 min ago


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