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Cathleen Johnson received her Ph.D. in economics from Virginia Tech (2000). For her Ph.D., she combined work from the areas of game theory and graph theory to develop models of social networks, norms and social capital. Her experimental work focuses on applications of network theory to models of network formation and in-depth work on time preferences, risk aversion and interaction and exchange. Her professional work has evolved into three main areas: Research in behavioural aspects of investment and social norms, administration of large research projects and research teams, and teaching economics through the use of laboratory experiments.

Her public policy-oriented research develops experimental economic instruments to measure consumer preferences, with special emphasis on attitudes towards risk and inter-temporal preferences.  She has designed and implemented several large-scale, innovative field studies that examined individual investment in post-secondary education in Canada. This work has lead her to develop more specific experimental instruments for measuring inter-temporal and risk preferences, developing state of the art adaptive and graphical techniques. She also used experimental methods to measure inter-personal preferences, and time and risk preferences among Houston high school students.

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Cathleen Johnson
Adjunct Instructor
Office: Social Sciences 221


Ph.D. Economics, Virginia Tech (2000)

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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