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I work mainly in political and social philosophy, and normative ethics.  In political philosophy, I study public reason theory, the economics of constitutional design, general political theory, and applied public choice theory. Increasingly, I am also interested in epistemology, especially the nature of evidence, peer disagreement, theoretical and practical requireements of rationality, and the ethical implications of known risk.

Currently, I am working on an account of public justification for State coercion and taxation. Very roughly stated, such requires minimal overlapping consensus on a publicly shared conception of justice as between reasonable citizens who in every other respect adhere to very different views as to what makes for a good life. This minimal political conception of justice then effectively limits what tasks the State may perform in the name of justice, and therefore reduces the moral risks of unintentionally violating citizens' indvidual rights. Meanwhile, public choice theory instructs us as to what sort of constitutional constraints should be placed on political officials in light of the limits of knowledge, the reality of self-interested political actors, collective action problems, voter rational ignorance, logrolling, "cheap talk" signaling, special interest groups, over-moralizing political rhetoric, etc.  


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David C. Crosby
M.A. Program


B.A., Philosophy: University of Arizona (May 2016)


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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