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Third-year Ph.D. student in Philosophy, Research assistant at the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom and Adam Smith Fellow of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. I currently teach PPEL101: ethics, economy, and entrepreneurship.

Areas of Specialization: Social and political philosophy, ethics, PPE.

Areas of Competence: History of moral and political philosophy (early modern and modern), philosophy of culture, global justice, logic, and German idealism (especially, the practical philosophy of Kant and Hegel). 

My current research engages with the different theories of corruption (moral and political). I'm especially interested in developing a non-ideal framework for theorizing about institutional corruption. Furthermore, the history of political philosophy is my passion (e.g. Montesquieu, Rousseau, Adam Smith and Hegel). In the future, I wish to be more knowledgeable on social ontology and theories of political decay. 


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Mario Ivan Juarez-Garcia
Research Assistant


I studied my BA in philosophy at UNAM in Mexico City and my MA in political studies at EHESS in Paris. For some years, I was an adjunct professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana (departments of philosophy and political sciences) and at ITAM in Mexico City.

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