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 I am currently concluding work on a project "Physics without Building Blocks" for which I have received support from the National Science Foundation under grant  SES-0848022. I am also beginning to develop a pragmatist interpretation of quantum theory, for which I expect to receive support from the John Templeton Foundation, who have already indirectly supported my research as a Templeton Research Fellow at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Information, Vienna under the program Philosophers-Physicists Cooperation Project on the Nature of Quantum Reality.

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Richard Healey
Professor of Philosophy
Telephone: 520-621-7109
Fax: 520-621-9559
Office: Social Sciences 214
Office Hours: By appt only (made by email or in person)


 Ph.D. (Philosophy) Harvard University, 1978: M.Sc. (Theoretical Physics) Sussex University, 1973.

Dissertation Title

A Realistic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?

Courses Taught

 TRAD 104 Science and Inquiry

Philosophy 305 Introduction to Philosophy of Science

Philosophy 420/520 Philosophy of Science

Phosophy 421/521 Philosophy of Biology

Phiosophy 426/526 Philosophy of Space and Time

Philosophy 427/527 Philosophy of Physics

Philosophy 596H Philosophy of Physical Science

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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