Care, Health & Society and Philosophy Dual Degree Policy

With an increasing need for highly-analytic individuals who can resolve complex and seemingly intractable situations in the medical fields, double majoring in Care Health & Society and Philosophy is a natural combination. The Philosophy department offers an Ethics Track that is well-suited to training individuals to be able to think through the complex ethical dilemmas that face Care Workers on a daily basis.

Double majoring in Philosophy and CH&S allows for up to 9 credit hours to be used simultaneously in both majors (double-dipping). 

Students who wish to pursue a dual degree in Philosophy and Care, Health & Society may take up to nine credit hours (three classes) that will count toward satisfying the requirements of both programs.  These nine credit hours will count toward the “Electives” part of the Philosophy major, in either the General Track or the Ethics Track and toward the elective part of the CHS major.  The student will still need to fulfill all the core and area distribution requirements for both majors. Students may automatically double-dip from the following courses (If your course is not listed here, contact Dr. Laura Howard to determine course eligibility):

PHIL 110                    Logical & Critical Thinking
PHIL 213                    Contemporary Moral Problems
PHIL 220                    Philosophy of Happiness
PHIL 305                    Intro to the Philosophy of Science
PHIL 321                    Medical Ethics
PHIL 345                    Philosophy & Psychiatry
PHIL 347                    Neuroethics
CHS/SOC 303             Health and Society
CHS 309                     Ethical Issues Common to the Helping Profession
CHS/SOC 350             Environment, Health, and Society
CHS/SOC 401             Health Disparities in Society

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