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Register for these rarely offered courses taught by the superb faculty in the Philosophy Department in spring 2020. View all of the Philosophy courses offered in spring 2020 and/or register for classes at the links below.

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Highlighted Spring 2020 Courses

PHIL 245: Existential Problems

MWF 12 – 12:50 PM, Modern Languages 210
Professor Carolina Sartorio

In this course we will discuss some central questions about the human condition, including questions about the kinds of beings that we are, the meaning of our lives, and questions about death, (im)mortality, and the value of life.


PHIL 421: Philosophy of the Biological Sciences

MWF 9 – 9:50 AM, Engineering 304
Professor Richard Healey

Laws and models in biology, structure of evolutionary theory, teleological explanations, reductionism, sociobiology.


PHIL 437: Moral & Social Evolution

TR 3:30 – 4:45, Social Sciences 411
Research Professor Allen Buchanan

This course will examine the application of evolutionary thought to society, and especially to morality and social life. We will be reading books by eminent scholars: primatologists, ethnographers, anthropologists, a science writer, and a moral psychologist. The course generally works up from the evolution of pro-social feelings in primates to human biological evolution, cultural evolution, technological and other neat types of evolution to moral psychology.