Graduate Funding & Fellowships

Most students in the doctoral program receive financial assistance in the form of fellowships, teaching assistantships and/or research assistantships. Only full-time students are eligible for financial assistance.

Departmental Support

Research assistantships can come from grants and contracts to faculty members and generally require research related to the grant or contract. A number of fellowships, available mainly to first year students, carry no explicit teaching or research obligations.

All support is contingent upon meeting Graduate College requirements, which include at least a 3.0 grade point average. Most students entering the Ph.D. program with financial support receive a commitment of support for up to five years subject to satisfactory progress. The nature of the support may vary from year to year. If additional time is required to complete the Ph.D., a sixth year of support may be made available. This policy applies to all sources of support controlled by the Program in Philosophy including teaching assistantships, fellowships and research assistantships funded by grants administered by the Department. Continuation of research assistantships from other sources is always at the discretion of the Principal Investigator of the grant, regardless of the number of years of prior funding.

Students should recognize that financial support from the Program is a privilege and not a right. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for Research Assistantship support through faculty and fellowship awards from local and national agencies.

Regents' Professor of Philosophy Joel Feinberg Dissertation Fellowship

Awarded once or twice per year (with sufficient funding) to an ABD and highly promising senior graduate student to support one non-teaching semester so that they might devote all their efforts toward the dissertation.

Past winners:

  • 2022/23 - Robert Lazo 
  • 2021/22 - Rhys Borchert
  • 2020/21 - Josh Cangelosi
  • 2019/20 - Timothy Kearl
  • 2018/19 - Jacob Barrett
  • 2017/18 - Joseph Metz
  • 2016/17 - Piper Bringhurst
  • 2015/16 - Hannah Tierney
  • 2014/15 - Kristin Reglitz and Eyal Tal
  • 2012/13 - Michael Bukoski and Victor Kumar

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