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The official requirements for the philosophy minor can be found at the online University Catalog. (Your catalog year is typically the first year you enrolled in courses.) Below is an unofficial summary that addresses the most common issues regarding the philosophy minor. To further discuss the requirements please contact the philosophy advisor: Sarah Williams.

The philosophy minor may be added to any type of degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, etc.).

Declaring a Philosophy Minor and Eligibility

Eligible students may add a philosophy minor at any time of the year by contacting either their major advisor. Students carrying a GPA below 2.0 are ineligible to declare a philosophy minor. However, since all students have equal access to enrolling in philosophy courses, those who now carry a GPA below 2.0 and plan to declare a philosophy minor are encouraged to consult the philosophy advisor about course planning. The minor can be officially declared once the GPA is above 2.0.

Minimum Unit Requirement

The philosophy minor requires the completion of at least 18 units of eligible philosophy coursework, 9 units of which must be upper-level coursework (300-level or above numbered courses)

Eligible Courses

UA courses with a PHIL prefix (e.g. PHIL 261)
UA courses cross-listed with PHIL courses (e.g. PHIL/ECON 205)
Transfer equivalents to UA PHIL courses

Ineligible Courses

Tier-1 General Education courses (e.g. INDV, TRAD, and NATS: 150-, 160- and 170-level classes) do not count towards the philosophy minor. 

Double-Use of Courses

Up to 6 units (typically 2 courses) may count towards both the philosophy minor and Tier-2 General Education requirements. Other courses are subject to approval by the Philosophy Department and your major advisor. Contact your major advisor and Dr. Laura Howard for more information.

GPA Minimum Requirement

Units used to satisfy the philosophy minor must achieve a GPA of 2.0 or above.

Upper-Level Requirement

Courses numbered 300 and above (e.g. PHIL 321, PHIL 467) are considered upper-division courses.
At least 9 units (typically 3 courses) must be upper-division courses.

Residency Unit Requirement

At least 9 units of philosophy coursework (typically 3 courses) must be earned from UA.

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