About the Department


The study of philosophy is central to the mission of the University of Arizona. Through an excellent undergraduate major and an internationally distinguished graduate program, we offer students opportunities to think deeply and analytically about questions fundamental to the place of the person in the natural and social world.

Rigorous Undergraduate Program

Philosophy majors learn how to critically examine potential answers to questions such as, “How can I know for sure if what I believe is true?” “What sort of society is best?” “Is morality just whatever each society says it is?” and “How should I live my life to be a good person?”

Philosophical exploration is done with the rigor of analytic thinking that rises above casual discussions based on mere opinion. In scrutinizing the potential answers to these questions, students of philosophy learn the skills of critical thinking, problem solving, conceptual analysis, and argumentation. Philosophy students know how to look at the big picture, stay open-minded, and always look for the truth.

Top-Ranked Graduate Program

Because of the faculty, the philosophy department at the University of Arizona is consistently ranked in the top 20 year after year, alongside Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Yale, and NYU. Our political philosophy program is ranked first in the world.

Current areas of excellence include ethics, political philosophy, the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, epistemology, metaphysics, the history of philosophy, the philosophy of science, the philosophy of law, experimental philosophy, aesthetics, and the philosophy of language. 

Our faculty are very accessible to students and are keenly interested in their philosophical development and professional success.

Successful Alumni

Unlimited possibilities await graduates with degrees in philosophy. Some of our recent graduates are attending Washington University Law School, the London School of Economics, Kings College in London, Georgetown University, and Columbia University. They have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, political candidates, and have landed jobs with Washington D.C. think tanks.

Related Programs

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