Graduate Awards

Award Categories

The Department of Philosophy confers the following student awards as determined by the faculty of the Department:

  • Julia Annas Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, in honor of Regents' Professor of Philosophy Julia Annas in recognition of her distinguished teaching and mentoring throughout her remarkable career

  • William H. Fink Prize for the Overall Outstanding Graduate Student, in memory of William H. Fink (1909-1991) who was Professor of Economics at the UA for 19 years until his retirement in 1973

  • Emil R. Riesen and Austin H. Riesen Graduate Prize for the Best Essay by a Graduate Student, in memory of Professor Emil R. Riesen and his son, Professor Austin H. Riesen.  Emil Riesen taught for many years in the early part of the 20th century in what was then the UA Department of Philosophy and Psychology. He served as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts in 1931-32.  Austin Riesen was a prominent professor of psychology at the University of California at Riverside.

Past Award Winners


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Josh Cangelosi and Bjorn Wastvedt
  • Fink Prize—Robert Wallace
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Bryan Chambliss


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Robert Wallace
  • Fink Prize—Santiago Sanchez Borboa
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Sameer Bajaj


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Eyal Tal
  • Fink Prize—Sameer Bajaj
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Yael Loewenstein and Gregory Robson


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Lucia Schwarz
  • Fink Prize—Danny Shahar and Eyal Tal
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Chris Howard



  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Kristin Reglitz
  • Fink Prize—Chris Howard
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Michael Bukoski



  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Hannah Tierney
  • Fink Prize—Hannah Tierney and Chad Van Schoelandt
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Yael Loewenstein
  • SBS Outstanding GTA—Hannah Tierney


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Piper Bringhurst
  • Fink Prize—John Thrasher
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Victor Kumar


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Michael Bukoski
  • Fink Prize—Michael Bukoski
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Brian Fiala and Jennifer Zamzow
  • UA Foundation Graduate Teaching Assistant Award—Daniel Silvermint


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Daniel Silvermint
  • Fink Prize—Ian Evans and Kevin Vallier
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Benji Kozuch and Theresa Lopez


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Jason Matteson
  • Fink Prize—Robbie Wagoner
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Nathan Ballantyne


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Robbie Wagoner and Bill Oberdick
  • Fink Prize—Mike Bruno
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Mike Bruno


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Anne Baril and Sara Bernstein
  • Fink Prize—Chris Freiman
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Chris Freiman


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Farid Masrour
  • Fink Prize—Stephen Biggs
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Annie Steadman


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Matt Bedke
  • Fink Prize—Nicole Hassoun and Matt Bedke
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Mike Bruno


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Chris Evans
  • Fink Prize—Jason Brennan
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Matt Bedke


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Lee Shepski and Joel Martinez
  • Fink Prize—Patrick Dieveney
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Rachael Poulsen


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Sarah Wright
  • Fink Prize—Justin Fisher
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Patrick Dieveney
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant for SBS—Cara Nine


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Josh Cowley and Chris Evans
  • Fink Prize—Brad Thompson
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Allen Habib


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Kristen Hessler
  • Fink Prize—Thony Gillies
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Mark Wunderlich


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Jennifer Baker and Scott Hendricks
  • Fink Prize—Tim Bayne and Avery Kolers
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Tim Bayne and Cindy Holder


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Cindy Holder
  • Fink Prize—Dan Russell and Patrick Rysiew
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Mark Wunderlich


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Ashley McDowell
  • Fink Prize—Scott LaBarge
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Jack Lyons


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Greg Loeben
  • Fink Prize—John Armstrong and Jack Lyons
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Jack Lyons and Stephan McCaffery


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Andre Ariew
  • Fink Prize—Linda Radzik
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Alan Belasco


  • Annas Graduate Teaching Award—Linda Radzik, Lisa Anne Smith, and Sarah Works
  • Fink Prize—Joel Pust
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Joe Cruz


  • Fink Prize—Christi Favor and Ken O'Day
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Terry Price


  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Jan Thomas


  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Clark Wolff


  • Fink Prize—Russ Shafer-Landau
  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Patrick Fitzgerald


  • Riesen Graduate Prize—Leopold Stubenberg