Why Study Philosophy

Philosophy differs from most disciplines because, in philosophy courses, you are not taught what to think but rather how to think. Philosophy not only sets you up for success, it is fun!

Employers Want Philosophers

Here’s what philosophy graduates know: Employers want someone who can think logically, find unique solutions to problems, and communicate them to others.

When you study philosophy, you develop skills in verbal and written communication, problem solving, clear and disciplined thinking and analysis, along with persuasive argumentation. These are skills that are directly applicable in careers in law, business administration, technical fields, computer programming, politics, entrepreneurship and writing-based professions.

In 2013, in a survey carried out by PayScale.com of mid-career professionals, philosophy majors ranked in the top 25 per cent of salaries, ahead of biology, nursing and business. The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) has also shown that philosophy is at least as good of an investment as engineering and health fields.

Philosophy is Fun

Apart from the practical usefulness of philosophy and the fact that the skills of philosophy can help you get a job after graduation, there is also the intrinsic joy of pursuing philosophy for its own sake.

Philosophy will be fun for you if:

  • You can’t help but ask “why?”
  • You enjoy critically assessing and developing arguments.
  • You like the challenge of grappling with issues that have been studied by some of the greatest thinkers of every age.
  • You enjoy discussing philosophy with others.
  • You like thinking about issues and problems in a variety of ways.
  • You are interested in finding answers to difficult and fundamental questions.

Learning the facts is the easy part. Philosophy trained me to connect intangible concepts and universal ideas with the tangible objects of the Grand Canyon area, giving people a much deeper experience.”

– Rader Lane, UA philosophy alum, Interpretive Ranger at Grand Canyon National Park