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            Requesting a grader

  • The primary purpose of grader positions is to accommodate enrollment demand for a class that is expected to exceed its usual enrollment cap. 
    • Note that for in-person classes--where enrollment caps may reflect physical classroom size--it may not be possible to raise the cap and so a grader may not be assigned.
    • GTAs may hire themselves for additional grading as long as this does not violate UA hiring policies or visa requirements
    • Requests for graders are not available after the first day of the semester since time is needed to fill an additional 20 seats.
    • With the addition of grader, your class's enrollment cap will be raised by 20 students.
    • If your class's enrollment is approaching these limits (or if you have some other reason to expect that demand for enrollment in your class may exceed its enrollment cap), you may request a grader. 
    • Typical class sizes for stand-alone GTAs are in-person = 65, online = 90, Gen Ed in-person = 55, Gen Ed online = 80. Faculty class sizes are in-person = 40, online = 55.
  • The Department is also willing to hire graders for instructors experiencing difficult personal circumstances, who may reach out to the department head at any time and request grading assistance. Instructors seeking grading assistance under these circumstances should not expect the enrollment cap for their class to go up.

    • All graders are hired at the discretion of the department head.
    • Instructors approaching the limit of their class size and who are willing and able to add 20 seats can expect to be allowed a grader.

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