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Aletheia: Texas A&M's Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

Aletheia is looking to publish the top 6-7 papers from any field of Philosophy or any papers with philosophical elements. The journal will be published in Mid May. Papers should be 2-5K words, include a ~100 word abstract, and a works cited page. For more information email

Deadline: March 31, 2021

A Priori: The Brown Journal of Philosophy

A Priori is an undergraduate-run journal from Brown University. For more information visit the A Priori website.

Almagest: Troronto's Undergraduate Philosophy Journal

Almagest is the University of Toronto's History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) Undergraduate Journal. Past issues have included papers on Galenic medicine, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of ecology, privacy and Big Data, historiography, and causality in quantum mechanics, among others. Almgest continues to feature interviews with prominent academics, such as Freeman Dyson, Ian Hacking, and Peter Galison.

Arché: Boston University’s Student-led Journal of Philosophy

Arché is a student-run journal of philosophical writing. They strive to highlight exceptional student work, providing undergraduates with the opportunity to publish for a general philosophical readership. Arché is published by Boston University’s BookLab in coordination with the Department of Philosophy. The editorial team invites submissions from early-career philosophers and independent scholars in addition to graduate and undergraduate students. 
Call For Papers - January 31, 2023


Dianoia cover

Dianoia is Boston College’s peer-reviewed Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy. Browse the Dianoia website for past editions as well as for other important information pertaining to their journal.

Duke Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Journal

The Duke Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Journal (Sponsored by Duke PPE Certificate Program) is a new publication which is about to start its first year, and they aim to publish original peer-reviewed works of philosophy, politics, and economics from undergraduate and graduate students. Visit the Duke Journal of PPE website for more information.


Falsafa ([n] "Philosophy" in Urdu) is a bi-annual undergraduate journal of philosophy edited by The Philosophy Club at UC Irvine.  Visit Falsafa's website for more information about submission guidelines and deadlines.

The Hemlock Papers

The Hemlock is a student-run undergraduate journal at the University of Idaho. is in search of original philosophical papers authored by current undergraduates. They aim to publish essays that can be read and understood by a general educated audience. Papers must be philosophical in nature and self standing. All submissions will be peer-reviewed in anonymity. Acceptance for publication will be based on the following criteria: creativity, originality, pertinence, quality, and depth. The Hemlock would appreciate that only one paper be submitted per applicant.


Logos is the annual undergraduate philosophy journal at Cornell University. It was founded in 2004 and is student run at the Sage School of Philosophy. Submissions are due January 1 with an anticipated print date in May of each year.

Sapere Aude

Sapere Aude ("Dare to know") is the undergraduate philosophy journal at the College of Wooster. Visit the Sapere Aude website for more information about the journal, past issues, and upcoming calls for papers. January 10, 2022 Call for Papers


Stance: An International Undergraduate Philosophy Journal has received, among others, the APA award for Excellence and Innovation. They have worked with students from over thirty-five nations. Stance publishes only essays that make an original contribution to the field. All papers are anonymously reviewed by multiple reviewers and all authors receive constructive feedback on their work. Stance is published annually in April. The deadline for submissions is in mid-December.

Undergraduate Philosophy Journals

  • Areté - An undergraduate journal of philosophy at Rutgers University.
  • Aporia – An undergraduate journal of philosophy at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Bi-annual
  • The Dualist – Stanford's national undergraduate philosophy journal.
  • Ephemeris – Union College is an undergraduate journal of philosophy offered by Union College.
  • Episteme – A student-run journal out of Denison University that aims to recognize and encourage excellence in undergraduate philosophy by providing examples of some of the best work currently being done in undergraduate philosophy programs. 
  • Eudaimonia - UMass Amherst's Undergraduate Philosophy journal.
  • NEO Journal - the semi-annual undergraduate philosophy journal developed by members of the NYU Philosophy Forum.
  • Prometheus – A journal covering all philosophical topics and hails from Johns Hopkins University.
  • The Reed – Undergraduate philosophy journal about Existentialism.
  • The Vassar College Journal of Philosophy – Student-run publication supported by the Philosophy Department of Vassar College. 
  • The Yale Philosophy Review – An annual journal by undergraduate students, worldwide.