PHIL 345: Philosophy & Psychiatry (Tier 2 INDV)

This course is an introduction to several core topics at the intersection of philosophy and psychiatry. The course falls naturally into three parts. The first part will begin with an overview of core concepts in the philosophy of mental health/illness, which will be followed by a brief history of philosophical approaches to psychopathology. The second part of the course will be concerned with philosophical issues associated with particular types of psychopathology, such as psychosis, depression, mania, personality disorders, and addiction. The third and final part of the course will cover specific issues at the intersection of psychopathology and particular areas of philosophy, such as ethics, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind. These intersecting issues include (respectively): moral/criminal responsibility of the mentally ill, causes, laws and reasons in psychiatric etiology, and personal identity issues associated with mental illness.

Course Credits