Freedom Center Colloquium: Gunnar Björnsson


Thu, 04/11/2019 - 12:30 to 13:45

The Freedom Center Spring 2019 colloquium series presents Gunnar Björnsson (Stockholm University)).

Topic: Blame and responsibility in morals and elsewhere

Abstract: We blame ourselves and others on moral grounds as well as in relation to a wide range of non-moral norms and values, including those of sports, crafts, engineering, nursing, logic, and belief formation. In this talk, I expand on and deepen my earlier attempts to offer completely general accounts of responsibility and blame, and use lessons from non-moral domains to address problems for accounts of moral responsibility and moral blameworthiness.

Location: The Kendrick Room, Social Sciences 128

We welcome faculty, students, and staff of the Philosophy and Moral Science Departments as well as members of the wider University community. RSVP to Lucy Schwarz at

The complete list of current and past colloquia is on the Freedom Center website.

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