Philosophy Colloquium: Daniel Stoljar, ANU

Realism v Equilibrism in Philosophy

The Fall 2021 Philosophy Colloquium Series presents Daniel Stoljar (ANU).

According to the realist about philosophy, the goal of philosophy is to come to know the truth about philosophical questions; according to what Helen Beebee calls equilibrism, by contrast, the goal is rather to place one’s commitments in a coherent system. In this paper, I present a critique of equilibrism in the form Beebee defends it, paying particular attention to her suggestion that various meta-philosophical remarks made by David Lewis may be recruited to defend equilibrism. At the end of the paper, I point out that a realist about philosophy may also be a pluralist about philosophical culture, thus undermining one main motivation for equilibrism.

We’ll be doing this colloquium as a pre-read. The paper is available here:


3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Dec. 10, 2021



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Jonathan Weinberg