Philosophy Colloquium: Guido Melchior


3 to 5 p.m., April 14, 2023


The Philosophy Department spring 2023 colloquium series is proud to present Guido Melchior (University of Graz).

Abstract: Inquiry and its relation to knowledge have gained significant philosophical attention in the last few years. Some theorists argue for a close connection between knowledge and inquiry, while others think that they are more distinct. The existing discussions, however, ignore the question of whether knowledge and inquiry are co-extensive, that is whether everything that we can know we can also successfully inquire into and vice versa. In this paper, I will argue that they are not co-extensive, discussing several kinds of propositions that, even though they can be known, we cannot rationally inquire into whether they are true. In this respect, this paper argues for a distinction between knowledge and inquiry.  


Jonathan Weinberg