Philosophy Colloquium: Macalester Bell

A Moderate Defense of Derisive Dissent

The fall 2022 Philosophy Colloquium series presents Macalester Bell (Bryn Mawr College).

In this paper, I focus on what I see as an important moral issue that has received relatively little attention from philosophers: how should we assess “derisive dissent”?   As I characterize it, derisive dissent is a dismissive, mocking form of protest.  I offer a moderate defense of derisive dissent.  While there are times and circumstances when derisive dissent would be out of place, those who are critical of all forms of it are making a mistake. Derisive protest is sometimes the best way of answering an objectionable, and all too common, attitude, and this attitude can do serious moral damage if left unaddressed.


2:50 p.m. Nov. 4, 2022


Social Sciences 224

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Jonathan Weinberg