MA Degree Requirements

M.A. in Philosophy (MA in Philosophy)

Admissions for the regular non-accelerated M.A. in Philosophy

The deadline for admission to the M.A. in Philosophy program is March 11 previous to the Fall semester of entry.  Applicants to the program are expected to have a solid undergraduate background in philosophy as a basis for advanced graduate study. 

The M.A. in Philosophy is independent of the University of Arizona Philosophy Ph.D. program.  Students completing the M.A. in Philosophy will be given no special consideration relative to other applicants if they choose to apply to the doctoral program.

For questions, contact Mark Timmons, Director of the Masters Program


To apply for the MA in Philosophy, students must:

1)  Meet the Admissions Requirements established by the Graduate College.

2)  Submit to the Department of Philosophy via the UA Graduate College online application site:

  • Two letters of recommendation from professors with whom they have studied
  • A writing sample
  • A statement of purpose
  • Transcripts
  • Recommended: Having completed at least four Philosophy classes in two different areas.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


Degree and Tuition

 For general information regarding graduate degrees and tuition, please see Graduate College’s degree and tuition policies .




The requirements for completion of an MA in Philosophy include attaining a 3.0 grade point average in ten three-unit graduate courses at or above the 500 curricular level for a total of 30 units.  Typically, three of these courses will be graduate seminars numbered between PHIL 596A through PHIL 596Z, and the remaining seven courses will be graduate surveys numbered between PHIL 500 through PHIL 595.  Of these ten courses, the students must take at least one from each of the following fields:

  • Metaphysics or Epistemology
  • Ethics, Political Philosophy, or Value Theory
  • History of Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind or Cognitive Science.


Thesis Option

The MA in Philosophy does not have a thesis requirement.  A student may, however, opt to write a thesis instead of taking one of the graduate seminars.  For a petition to be successful, the student must secure a faculty member to supervise the thesis and two other faculty members to serve on the thesis committee and conduct an oral defense.  In such cases, the thesis will be a paper of approximately 6,000-10,000 words.

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