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Class: Ling 211 - Language, Mind and Brain
Learn about language with the founder of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky! The student-community course will be taught by professors Noam Chomsky, Tom Bever, and Massimo Piatteli-Palmarini from October 17 to December 11, 2019.
Posted: 7/31/19

PHIL 422 - Advanced Medical Ethics (Spring 2019)
This is an advanced level undergraduate course in medical ethics designed to examine the moral principles that health care professionals encounter during patient interactions.


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Class - HED 350 - Higher Education Student Outreach - Project SOAR
This 3-unit course, a very unique Tier 2 Gen Ed, meets on Monday and Wednesday on campus and then the undergrads mentor at a local middle school one time per week! (Disclaimer: PHIL/PPEL majors do not have a Tier-2 INDV requirement unless they are in the Honors College.)
Posted: 8/15/19

Course - Powerful Strategies to Improve Learning
This is a non-credit, no-cost, self-paced program offered on D2L for students interested in learning how to study more effectively and spend less time doing so.

BE 334 - Aquaponics Design
Learn how to raise fish and grow plants together. Topics include: innovative designs, caring for fish and plants, working with PVC, selecting plants and pumps, and troubleshooting and upkeep. Flyer
Offered online Summer 2019

LASC 195A - Exploring Careers in the Health Professions
This course is ideal for freshmen or transfer students who are interested in the medical field, but are unsure of which career to choose. This 1 unit hybrid course enables students to learn about a variety of health professions. They get to listen to many student and professional panels, which allow them to be more informed when picking a career to pursue. The class meets on Tuesday from 5:00 – 5:50pm.

TLS 385 - Global Citizenship: Reading the World and the Word
Monday/Wednesday, 11:00-12:15, Worlds of Words, College of Education 455
We live in a world where globalization touches every part of our lives and relationships, both personally and professionally. We will explore what it means to be a global citizen by reading young adult literature from a range of global cultures paired with professional articles to develop our understandings of different ways of living in the world. We examine our own identities and experiences to explore how they both limit and facilitate our understandings of global communities and then challenge ourselves to expand our views of the world. The focus of the course is on developing our intercultural understandings through the lenses of knowledge, perspective and action. As a community of readers, we will explore cultural ways of knowing, cross-cultural encounters, and cultural misconceptions and inquire into ways of expanding our openness to multiple perspectives and world views. Learning engagements include reading and reflecting on young adult books, short narratives on our identities and cross-cultural experiences, an interview with someone from another culture, and a final inquiry project. Note that this is a writing emphasis class.

ENGR 495/595 - Science, Health and Engineering Diplomacy (Spring 2019)
This three (3) unit course will introduce general themes focused on Science, Health and Engineering and their impact on Policy and Diplomacy. Applications will emphasize Latin America.
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NEW Minor
The College of Education is now offering a minor in Recreation and Sport in Communities, Parks, and Schools.
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