The UA Philosophy Department is pleased to present the 2015-16 Philosophy Colloquium Series featuring the following prominent speakers:

September 4
NOMY ARPALY, Brown University
"In Defense Of Benevolence"

September 11
ANDREW WILLIAMS, University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
"Political Constructivism And State-Given Reasons"

September 18
VLADIMIR KRSTIC, University of Auckland
"Must A Liar Say What He Does Not Believe? An Essay On Assertations, Lies, And Knowledge"

October 2
AMIR SAEMI, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Tehran
"Targeting Human Shields"

November 13
KEITH LEHRER, University of Arizona, Emeritus
"Consciousness, Representation and the Hard Problem"

November 20
THERESA LOPEZ, Hamilton College
"Why Targeted Debunking Arguments in Ethics Must Be More Targeted"

January 29
AGUSTIN RAYO, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"The World is the Totality of Facts, Not of Things"

February 5
JOHN HAWTHORNE, University of Southern California
"The Surprise Examination"

February 12
PHILIP KITCHER, Columbia University
Title TBA

February 19
MATTHEW MCGRATH, University of Missouri, Columbia
Title TBA

Thursday, February 26
BARRY LOEWER, Rutgers University
"The Mentaculus Vision"

February 27-28  (Sat, 9am-7pm, and Sun, 9am-12noon)
Philosophy of Science Workshop
DAVID ALBERT, Columbia University
THOMAS BLANCHARD, University of California, Berkeley, and Wesleyan University
ALISON FERNANDES, Columbia University
RICHARD HEALEY, University of Arizona
CARL HOEFER, University of Western Ontario, Rottman Institute
JENANN ISMAEL, University of Arizona
BARRY LOEWER, Rutgers University
WAYNE MYRVOLD, University of Western Ontario, Rottman Institute

March 4
ANTHONY GILLIES, Rutgers University
"A Problem About Preference"

March 11
MICHAEL WHITE, Arizona State University
"On the Use of 'Ius' (and 'Lex")"

March 25
ALLEN BUCHANAN, Duke University
"What Is Moral Progress?"

April 1
VOJKO STRAHOVNIK, University of Ljubljana

April 8
Guido Melchio, University of Graz
"Knowing And Checking"

April 15
Martina Fürstr, University of Graz
"On Actual and Hypothetical Phenomenal Contract Scenarios"

April 22
Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons, UA
"Moral Phenomenology and Reasons-Responsiveness"

April 29
SARAH JANSEN, Carleton College
"Aristotle's Celestial Teleology"


Talks are on Fridays, 3-5pm, in Social Sciences 224, unless otherwise noted.

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