Philosophy PhD Candidate, Max Kramer, wins Bilinski Fellowship

March 10, 2021

Max Kramer is a PhD candidate in Philosophy and Cognitive Science and a Bilinski Fellow at the University of Arizona.

About the Russell J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowships

Russell J. and Dorothy (Doro) S. Bilinski's goal in life was to be independent and challenged intellectually. They strongly believed in people being self-sufficient, ambitious, and above all, responsible. Both Russell and Doro were true intellectuals, as well as being adventuresome, independent and driven. Russell was a researcher, academician and an entrepreneur. Doro was an accomplished artist and patron of the arts. Russell and Doro believed that education was a means to obtain independence, and this is the legacy they wished to pass on to others.  The Bilinski Educational Foundation was established to fulfill this legacy by providing fellowship funds for post-secondary education for students who have demonstrated, and are likely to maintain, both the highest academic achievement and good moral character, but who lack the financial resources to pay for the highest caliber post-secondary education.