Philosophy Professor Mark Timmons Publishes a New Book

Sept. 11, 2023
Mark Timmons Publishes a New Book

Philosophy Professor, Mark Timmons, publishes a new book titled, The Kantian Mind. 

The thought of Immanuel Kant is fundamental to understanding Western philosophy. Spanning epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and religion, the sheer scope and originality of Kant’s ideas have decisively shaped the history of modern philosophy.

The Kantian Mind is an outstanding guide and reference source to Kant's thought and a major new publication in Kant scholarship. Comprising forty-five chapters by a stellar team of contributors, the collection is divided into four clear parts:

  • Background to the Critical Philosophy
  • Transcendental Philosophy (Critique and Doctrine)
  • Posthumous Writings and Lectures
  • Kant and Contemporary Kantians.

In addition to coverage of Kant's main works, the volume contains chapters on a broad range of topics including Kant's views on logic, mathematics, the natural sciences, anthropology, religion, politics, and education. The concluding chapters cover the influence of Kant's thought on contemporary analytic and continental philosophy.

Including suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter, The Kantian Mind is essential reading for all students and scholars of Kant and contemporary Kantian thought. It will also be extremely helpful to those in related humanities and social sciences disciplines such as religion, history, politics, and literature.