The Philosophy Department invites you to attend the Philosophy of Science Workshop, March 26-28.


Friday, Feb 26
3-5pm     Philosophy Dept Colloquium: BARRY LOEWER, Rutgers University
                 "The Mentaculus Vision"

Saturday, Feb 27
9am-12pm     THOMAS BLANCHARD, University of California, Berkeley, and Wesleyan University
                          "Huemean Laws and Unification"
                         JENANN ISMAEL,... Read more

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Congratulations to Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law (PPEL) majors, Karina Barraza, Allison Hardy, Miranda Jones, Dominic Medina, Meezan Mir, Giovanni Nino, Andrew Soukhome, and Shannon Sylvester, and Philosophy majors Kendall Dunn and Cory Sprott, who have won $500 Magellan Circle Scholarships for their superior academic performance.  Philosophy and... Read more

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The Seventh Annual Arizona Workshop in Normative Ethics will be held at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson, Arizona, from January 14 through January 16, 2016.

Normative ethical theory addresses general questions about the right and the good and attempts to answer such questions as: What sorts of actions are right or wrong and why? What sort of person ought one to become and why? Normative ethical theories, including, for instance, versions of consequentialism, deontology,... Read more

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Rachana Kamtekar

Shaun Nichols







The Downtown Lecture Series presented by the UA College of Social &... Read more

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The UA Philosophy Department is pleased to present the 2015-16 Philosophy Colloquium Series featuring the following prominent speakers:

September 4
NOMY ARPALY, Brown University
"In Defense Of Benevolence"

September 11
ANDREW WILLIAMS, University of Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
"Political Constructivism And State-Given Reasons"

September 18
VLADIMIR KRSTIC, University of Auckland
"Must A Liar Say What He Does Not Believe? An Essay On... Read more

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Congratulations to Debbie Jackson, chosen recipient of a 2015 SBS Staff Award, for outstanding personnel who make significant contributions to their department and to the University.


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Philosophy major and continuing MA student Michael Flowers was conferred the 2015 Outstanding Research Award from the UA College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  This award recognizes a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic achievement, originality, and creativity in an independent, undergraduate research project.  For his project, Michael chose to examine the philosophy of resistance in youth subculture. 
... Read more

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Congratulations to Vincent Redhouse and Ahva Sadeghi, Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law (PPEL) majors and scholars in the UA Honors College, who were among 12 recipients awarded the 2014 Honors College Award for Outstanding Students.


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We are pleased to present the list of speakers for the Spring 2015 LAW/PHIL 673A Seminar on Justice and Corporate Social Responsibility.  The seminar meets at 330-6pm on Tuesday afternoons in the College of Law Rm 137. 


February 10:  Speaker: Daniel Markovits (Yale Law School)
“Snowballing Inequality: Meritocracy and the Crisis of Capitalism.”            
February 17:  Speaker: Samuel Freeman (Philosophy, University of Pennsylvannia)
“Rawls on... Read more

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Congratulations to Philosophy majors Brandon Day and Alexander Hartz, and Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law (PPEL) majors, Dardan Kosumi, Nicholas Mahon, Dominic Medina, Meezan Mir, Casey Murray, Vincent Redhouse, Alyssa Rogers, and Christopher Romero,  who have won $500 Magellan Circle Scholarships for their... Read more

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