Undergraduate Awards


The Department of Philosophy confers the following Student Awards as determined by the Faculty of the Department:

  • The Kathryn Anne Governal Perseverance Award, established in 2002 by the generous gift of Dr. George and Mrs. Roberta Governal in memory of their daughter, Kathryn Anne.  Kathryn earned two degrees from the UA : the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Media Arts and a minor in Journalism in 1995; and the Master of Arts in Journalism in 1998.  This award recognizes distinguished achievement by a student in overcoming personal, economic or physical obstacles in completing a degree at the UA.

  • The J. Christopher Maloney Prize in Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law (PPEL), begun in 2013, recognizes outstanding achievement in the PPEL program.  The award is named for Chris Maloney who, as Head of Philosophy, has been one of the real driving forces behind instituting the PPEL major. 

  • The Emil R. Riesen and Austin H. Riesen Undergraduate Prize for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Remarkable Overall Performance, in memory of Professor Emil R. Riesen and his son, Professor Austin H. Riesen.  Emil Riesen taught for many years in the early part of the 20th Century in what was then the UA Department of Philosophy and Psychology.  He served as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts in 1931-32.  Austin Riesen was a prominent professor of psychology at the University of California at Riverside.



  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award—Karan Prabhakar
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize—
  • Maloney Prize in PPEL—Toni Marcheva


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award—Lana Baeumlisberger
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Samuel McEwen
  • Maloney Prize in PPEL—Moira Gidseg and Alyssa King


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award—Britannia Roskelley
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Aleksandra Petkovic
  • Maloney Prize in PPEL—Isaac Rounseville


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award—Sir T Jackson-Gatson
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Catherine Rigby
  • Maloney Prize in PPEL— Sarah Burkey and Andrew Soukome


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award—Vincent Redhouse
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Paul Addison
  • Maloney Prize in PPEL— Vincent Redhouse


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award—Robert Berry
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Matthew Paskell, Scott Plummer
  • Maloney Prize in PPEL— Vincent Colaianni, Tori Morris


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award—Alexander Offord
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Lisette Cole
  • Maloney Prize in PPEL— Brenna Keene


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award—Zachary H. Forman
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Steven Gubka


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Canuto Sanchez
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— William Frantz


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Crystal Nesfield
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Ozlem Ozgur and Maureen Turner


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Alex Westerholm
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize—Sarah Lesson and Brian Gaseielle


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Molly Pettry
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Richard Fry


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Brian Gavlick
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Michael Cousineau


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Kenneth Parlove
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Claire Kelleher-Smith


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Anthony Dupree
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Caitlin Hall, Andres Lemons, Todd Arena


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Daniel Boice
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Jay Lynch and Nikolaus Fogle


  • Kathryn A. Governal Perseverance Award —Corinne Schram
  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Amy Labbe


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Staci Vierthaler


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize—Iris Oved


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— James Cameron Paterson


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Not Awarded


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Matthew Bedke


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Jason Dickerson


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— William Kuhn and Tamra Lefkowitz


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Rick Bolen


  • Riesen Undergraduate Prize— Nathan Vandergrift



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