Philosophy Major

Philosophy provides an excellent foundation for Graduate studies:

GRE and LSAT scores of Philosophy majors exceed those of most other majors.

GRE Scores By Intended Graduate Major, 2017-2018

Philosophy     160
English           157
Political Sci    156
Physics          156
Economics     154
Computer Sci 146                                                   

Physics          162
Economics     160
Computer Sci 158
Philosophy     154
Political Sci.   152
English           149

Philosophy    4.3
English          4.2
Political Sci    4.1
Physics          3.8
Economics     3.8
Computer Sci 3.1


LSAT Scores
Averaging the LSAT scores from 2012 to 2016 for majors with greater than 1900 test takers per year:

Economics           158.88
Philosophy           158.00
History                 156.37
English                 155.14
Finance                154.38
Political Science  153.97
Psychology          152.93
Communications  151.41
Sociology             150.89
Criminal Justice   146.10


B.A. in Philosophy Major Requirements

What is Philosophy?

Philosophers have relied upon reason, logic, introspection and tempered experience first to search for, and then to analyze, answers to life’s deepest questions. MORE ABOUT THE STUDY OF PHILOSOPHY

What can you do with a philosophy degree?

Oftentimes it is said that the value of a degree depends on the marketability of the degree. This means that professional and vocational degrees have more value, right? More recent evaluations of the employability and success of recent graduates seems to provide evidence to the contrary. Employers are looking for people, not degrees. Employers want someone who can think logically, find unique solutions to problems, and communicate them to others. Employers are looking for people with skills that translate into running a business. MORE ABOUT THE MARKETABILITY OF A PHILOSOPHY DEGREE

Why study Philosophy? and, What skills come with a Philosophy degree?


Unlimited possibilities await graduates with degrees in philosophy and PPEL. The hard part is choosing what is next. Some of our recent graduates are attending Washington University Law School, the London School of Economics, University of California Hastings College of Law, Kings College in London, Georgetown University, Columbia University, and ASU Sandra Day O'Connor Law School.They have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, political candidates, and have landed jobs on campaigns, in Washington D.C. thinktanks, with private companies and in the public sector.

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