Will you like Philosophy?

  • What is the ultimate structure of reality?
  • What is good, right and valuable, rather than evil, wrong and worthless?
  • What is real knowledge rather than mere belief?
  • What, if any, are the limits of human knowledge?
  • How is thought and consciousness possible in a material universe?
  • What is justice, and how might we achieve it in the presence of deep disagreement over what matters to our societies?
  • Are morality, responsibility and freedom even possible if every event is caused in accordance with the inexorable laws of science?
  • Might divinity transcend experience, or is all dust to dust and ashes to ashes?
  • Could there be purpose, perhaps even meaning, to life?

If these questions keep you up at night, or if you just enjoy sorting through them all, philosophy is the right course of study for you. These and other philosophical questions arise naturally in each individual’s life, and they echo throughout all the arts and sciences. This makes philosophy a partner in every intellectual and academic adventure. Students of philosophy find that it develops their capacities for critical thinking and clear reasoning.

Will I like Philosophy?

Apart from the practical usefulness of philosophy and the fact that the skills of philosophy can help you get a job after graduation, there is also the intrinsic joy of pursuing philosophy for its own sake. Philosophy will be fun for you if…

You can’t help but ask “why”?
You enjoy critically assessing and developing arguments.
You like the challenge of grappling with issues that have been studied by some of the greatest thinkers of every age.
You enjoy discussing philosophy with others.
You like thinking about issues and problems in a variety of ways.
You are interested in finding correct answers to difficult and fundamental questions.


Philosophy Ethics Track: http://degreesearch.arizona.edu/major/philosophy-ethics-emphasis

Philosophy General Track: http://degreesearch.arizona.edu/major/philosophy-general

Philosophy and PPEL Major Requirements: https://philosophy.arizona.edu/major-reqs

Undergraduate Courses: https://philosophy.arizona.edu/undergraduate-courses

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