Faculty Publications

Essays on Paradoxes book cover
By Terry Horgan
Oxford University Press
October 2016

Free Will- A Contemporary Introduction book cover
By Michael McKenna & Derk Pereboom
July 2016

Tyranny of Ideal book cover with Wanderer above the Sea of Fog painting
Princeton University Press
May 2016

Causation and Free Will book cover with doodling in the background
By Carolina Sartorio
Oxford University Press
May 2016

The Facts in Logical Space with digital art in the background
By Jason Turner
Oxford University Press
February 2016

Happiness for Humans book cover with Matsushima painting by Tsuchiya Koitsu
By Dan Russell
Oxford University Press
August 2015

The Nature of Moral Responsibility: New Essays book cover with the painting of Flemish Proverbs in the background
By Michael McKenna
Oxford University Press
May 2015

By Mark Timmons & Robert N. Johnson
Oxford University Press
April 2015

Humean Moral Pluralism book cover
Oxford University Press
August 2014

Creating Wealth book cover with a stack of stones
By David Schmidtz & John Thrasher
Cognella Academic Publishing
July 2013

Kant on Practical Justification: Interpretive Essays book cover with an abstract painting of pond vegetations.
By Mark Timmons & Sorin Baiasu
Oxford University Press
April 2013

Knowledge Nature and Norms book cover
By Mark Timmons & David Shoemake
Wadsworth Publishing
January 2013

Moral Theory book cover
By Mark Timmons
Rowan & Littlefield Publishers
November 2012

The Order of Public Reason  A Theory of Freedom and Morality in a Diverse book cover
Cambridge University Press
June 2012

Conversation & Responsibility book cover
By Michael McKenna
Oxford University Press
February 2012