Faculty Publications

Art, Self and Knowledge Book Cover with a painting of sunset over the ocean
By Keith Lehrer
Oxford University Press
November 2011

The Epistemological Spectrum  At the Interface of Cognitive Science and Conceptual Analysis book cover with rainbow spectrum in the background
By Terry Horgan & David K. Henderson
Oxford University Press
September 2011

Intelligent Virtue book cover with classical painting
By Julia Annas
Oxford University Press
May 2011

Conduct and Character book cover with tree rings in the center
By Mark Timmons
Wadsworth Publishing
January 2011

By Mark Timmons & John Greco, and Alfred R Mele
Oxford University Press
September 2009

Gauging What's Real: The Conceptual Foundations of Contemporary Gauge Theories
By Richard Healey
Oxford University Press
September 2009

Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy book cover
By Thomas Christiano & John Christman
May 2009

The Constitution of Equality  Democratic Authority and Its Limits book cover
By Thomas Christiano
Oxford University Press
July 2008

Austere Realism: Contextual Semantics Meets Minimal Ontology book cover with painting of a knitted ball
By Terry Horgan & Matjaz Potrc
MIT Press
April 2008

Contemporary Perspectives on Early Modern Philosophy book cover with portraits of past Philosophers in history
By David Owen & Paul Hoffman, and Gideon Yaffe
Broadview Press
February 2008

On Philosophy, Politics, and Economics book cover with statue of David as background image
Cengage Learning
November 2007

The Mundane Matter of the Mental Language book cover
By J. Christopher Maloney
Cambridge University Press
August 2007

Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation book cover
By Guido Pincione & Fernando R. Teson
Cambridge University Press
July 2006

Metaethics After Moore book cover
By Terry Horgan & Mark Tmmons
Oxford University Press
February 2006

Descriptions and Beyond book cover
By Marga Reimer & Anne Bezuidenhout
oxford University Press
September 2004