Graduate Climate Committee

The University of Arizona Philosophy Department’s Climate Committee is a group of current graduate students committed to promoting a supportive and positive departmental culture and to serving as a resource for addressing any issues that may arise.

In order to gather accurate information about the experiences of graduate students, the Climate Committee puts out a yearly survey during the spring semester, which includes questions about the department’s accommodations for students of diverse backgrounds, its culture of inclusion and collaboration, and its overall friendliness. Results of the survey are circulated internally and used to positively impact climate within the department.

The department is home to SOPHIA (the Society of Philosop-Hers in Arizona), which invites a philosopher whose work is of special interest to members to give an additional colloquium talk each year.  SOPHIA also arranges periodic social events for its members.

As a department within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, we abide by the College’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.


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