On the Job Market

The University of Arizona Department of Philosophy is excited to announce that the below students are available to be hired. These outstanding students are recent graduates or will soon earn their PhDs.

  Jacob Barrett

BarrettDissertation: Social Ideals and Social Reform
Advisor: Gerald Gaus
Personal Homepage: jacobbarrett.org

I work primarily in social and political philosophy, though I also have research interests in normative ethics and in the history of both fields. See my website (www.jacobbarrett.org) for further information.




  Adam Gjesdal
Adam Gjesdal

Dissertation: A Theory Of Justice Pluralism (August 2019)
Advisor: Gerald Gaus
Personal Homepage: adamgjesdal.weebly.com





   Joseph Metz
Joseph Metz

Dissertation: Much to Do About Non-Things: Exploring Agency Through Omissions
Advisor: A. Carolina Sartorio

I am interested in metaphysics, moral responsibility, free will, ethics, agency, feminist philosophy, and the intersections between these (only seemingly) disparate topics. My current focus on these topics is through the lens of my dissertation on omissions and agency.



Tristan Rogers

Tristan RogersDissertation: Virtue Politics
Advisor: Daniel C. Russell
Email: tristanjrogers1[at]gmail.com
Personal Homepage: www.tristanjrogers.com

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at California State University, Sacramento. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Arizona in 2017. I work in political philosophy, ethics, and ancient philosophy. My dissertation research was on virtue ethics and political philosophy. I am currently writing a book based on this work, tentatively titled The Authority of Virtue: Institutions and Character in the Good Society (under contract with Routledge). You can find more information about me and my work at my website.


  Santiago Sanchez Borboa

Sanchez BorboaDissertation: Kant's Metaphysical Deduction and the Intellectual Origin of the Categories
Advisor: Houston Smit
Personal Homepage: www.sanchezborboa.com

I am interested in ethics, philosophy of science, and metaphysics. My research primarily explores these topics through Kant's philosophy. My work focuses on Kant's theoretical and practical philosophies as well as the intersection between them.


Wes Siscoe

Wes SiscoeDissertation: Grounding and Rationality
Advisor: Stew Cohen
Personal Homepage: www.wessiscoe.com





  Robert Wallace

Robert WallaceDissertation: After Compatibilism: Essays on Freedom and Responsibility
Advisor: Michael McKenna
Personal website: www.roberthwallace.com

Hello! My primary research interests are issues at the intersection of action theory, ethics, metaphysics, and moral psychology. My dissertation, After Compatibilism: Essays on Freedom and Responsibility, offers a critique of contemporary compatibilist approaches to the problem of free will and determinism, as well as an alternative methodology for theorizing about freedom and moral responsibility. Please see my website for more information about my publications, ongoing research, and teaching expertise.




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