Ph.D. Placement

Our Ph.D. graduates regularly land teaching and research jobs within academia.

Placement Statistics


Ocean Cangelosi (2023)
"Freedom and responsibility."  Adviser: Carolina Sartorio.

Aliya R. Dewey (2023)
"Robust normativity in complexity science."  Adviser: Sara Aronowitz and Mark Timmons. Original: University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, 3-year postdoctoral fellow.

Max Kramer (2023)
"Fellow-feeling and personal relationships."  Adviser: Mark Timmons and Jonathan Weinberg. Original: University of California at Los Angeles Health Ethics Center, 3- year postdoctoral fellow.

Sean Whitton (2023)
"Purely dynamic eudaimonism."  Adviser: Julia Annas and Houston Smit. 

Ke Zhang (2023)
"Your self is deeper than you think: A deep self view of moral responsibility."  Adviser: Michael McKenna. Original: Zhejiang University, postdoctoral fellow.

Yili Zhou (2023)
"All about normativity."  Adviser: Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons. Original: Zhejiang University, postdoctoral fellow.

Phoebe H. Y. Chan (2022)
"Unbound: Free will for moral responsibility skeptics."  Adviser: Carolina Sartorio. Original: University of Arizona, adjunct instructor.

Avital Hazony (2022)
"The psychology of loyalty: A solution to Hume's problem of moral obligation."  Adviser: Michael B. Gill, Mark Timmons. Original: Tel Aviv University, postdoctoral fellow.

Tim Kearl (2022)
"Good thinking."  Adviser: Juan Comesaña. Original: University of Glasgow, postdoctoral researcher.

Joseph Metz (2022)
"Much to do about non-things: Exploring agency and responsibility through omissions."  Adviser: Carolina Sartorio. Original: Widener University, assistant professor.

Alex Motchoulski (2022)
"Equality and the morality of social status."  Advisers: Allen Buchanan and Tom Christiano.  Original: University of Virginia, assistant professor.

Nathan Oakes (2022)
"How stoic is Plato's Timaeus?"  Adviser: Julia Annas and A. Houston Smit. Original: University of Arizona, adjunct instructor.

Joel Chow (2021)
"Building a society of equals: Relational equality on democracy, relationships and competition."  Adviser: Tom Christiano.  Original: National University of Singapore, instructor. Current: National University of Singapore, lecturer.

Mario Juarez Garcia (2021)
"Essays on Political Corruption."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Original: University of San Diego, visiting assistant professor. Current: Tulane University, assistant professor.

Tyler Millhouse (2021)
"Really Real Patterns."  Adviser: Shaun Nichols and Terry Horgan.  Original: Santa Fe Institute, postdoctoral fellow. Current: University of Arizona, assistant professor of practice.

Santiago Sanchez Borboa (2021)
"Kant's metaphysical deduction and the intellectual origin of the categories."  Adviser: A Houston Smit.  Original: University of Arizona, lecturer.

Alex Schaefer (2021)
"Coping with complexity."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Original: New York University Classical Liberal Institute, postdoctoral fellow. Current: State University of New York at Buffalo, assistant professor.

Lucy Schwarz (2021)
"Living without normativity."  Adviser: Terry Horgan, Mark Timmons.  Original: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, teaching assistant professor. Current: Tulane University, assistant professor.

Bjorn Wastvedt (2021)
"Virtue of Character in Aristotle's Eudemian ethics."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  Original: University of Bergen, University Lecturer. Current: University of Lisbon, postdoctoral fellow.

Brandon Ashby (2020)
"The Grammar of Consciousness: The Structure, Character, and Content of Conscious Experience."  Adviser: Shaun Nichols and Terry Horgan.  Original: Universities of Salzburg and Antwerp, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Jacob Barrett (2020)
"Social Ideals and Social Reform."  Adviser: Gerald Gaus.  Original: Oxford University, postdoctoral fellow. Current: Vanderbilt University, assistant professor.

William Leonard (2020)
"Metaphenomenology and the Neuroscience of Consciousness."  Adviser: Stewart Cohen.

Wes Siscoe (2020)
"Grounding and rationality."  Adviser: Stew Cohen.  Original: Florida State University, postdoctoral fellow.  Current: University of Notre Dame, Mellon initiative for effective instruction, administrator.

Robert Wallace (2020)
"After Compatibilism: Essays on Freedom and Responsibility."  Adviser: Michael S. McKenna.  Original: Cal Poly, Assistant Professor.

Bryan Chambliss (2019)
"Second-Person Thought."  Adviser: Terry Horgan.  Original: Susquehanna University, Visiting Assistant Professor.

Adam Gjesdal (2019)
"A Theory Of Justice Pluralism."  Adviser: Gerald Gaus.  Original: Chapman University, postdoctoral fellow. Current: Center for Academic Pluralism, Heterodox Academy, postdoctoral fellow.

Greg Robson (2019)
"Understanding Justice: How Political Experiments and Traditions Inform Theory." Adviser: David Schmidtz. Original: Iowa State University, Assistant Professor.

Sarah Raskoff (2018)
"Transparency In Metaethics." Adviser: Juan Comesaña.  Original: University of Arizona, Lecturer, and Managing Editor, Social Philosophy & Policy.  Current: Vanderbilt University, assistant professor.

Sameer Bajaj (2018)
"How To Be A Citizen: Agency, Reciprocity, And Truth In Democratic Politics." Co-advisers: Tom Christiano and Dave Schmidtz.  Original: Franklin & Marshall College, Assistant Professor. Current: University of Warwick, Assistant Professor.

William Oberdick (2018)
"On Rawls's Law Of Peoples And The Toleration Of Decent Hierarchical Societies."  Adviser: Tom Christiano.  Original: University of Arizona, Lecturer. Current: University of Arizona, assistant professor of practice.

Matt Schuler (2018)
"How to Properly Wear a Tinfoil Hat: A Call for Epistemic Humility in the Creation of Artificial Intelligence, in Applications of Neuroprosthetics, and in the Debate over Scientific Realism." Adviser: Terry Horgan.  Original: Valencia College, Adjunct Instructor. Current: University of South Florida, visiting professor of instruction.

Eyal Tal (2018)
"Detaching In Peer Disagreement And Higher-Order Evidence."  Adviser: Stewart Cohen. Original: University of Cologne, Postdoctoral Fellow. Current: Brandeis University, Visiting Assistant Professor. 

Chris Howard (2017)
"The Fundamentality Of Fit."  Advisers: Stewart Cohen and Mark Timmons.  Original: University of North Carolina, Postdoctoral Fellow. Current: McGill University, Assistant Professor.

Brian Kogelmann (2017)
"Agreement, All The Way Up: An Essay On Public Reason And Theory Choice." Adviser: Gerald Gaus. Original: University of Maryland, Assistant Professor. Current: West Virginia University, Assistant Professor.

Yael Loewenstein (2017)
"Counterfactuals Without Causation, Probabilistic Counterfactuals And Indeterministic Causation." Adviser: Terry Horgan. Original: University of Houston, Assistant Professor, and Cambridge University, Junior Research Fellow.

Jeremy Reid (2017)
"Imitations Of Virtue: Plato And Aristotle On Non-Ideal Constitutions." Adviser: Julia Annas. Original: University of Maryland, Postdoctoral Fellow. Current: San Francisco State University, Assistant Professor.

Tristan Rogers (2017)
"Virtue Ethics And The Moral Justification Of Political Institutions."  Adviser: Dan Russell. Original: California State University at Sacramento and the University of California at Davis, Lecturer. Current: Santa Clara University, Lecturer.

Dan Shahar (2017)
"Conflict, Conciliation, And The Future Of The Planet."  Adviser: David Schmidtz. Original: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: University of New Orleans, 3-year renewable Assistant Professor (Research).

Michael Bukoski (2016)
"Korsgaard's Conception Of Agency."  Adviser: Connie Rosati and Mark Timmons.  Original: Dartmouth College, Visiting Lecturer.  Current: Florida State University, Assistant Professor.

Ginger Clausen (2016)
"Love And Organic Unities: Emergent Quality Theory." Adviser: Julia Annas.  Original: University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Lecturer.

Hannah Tierney (2016)
"Living Variously: An Analysis Of Pluralism And Personal Identity." Adviser: Shaun Nichols.  Original: Cornell University, Stanford H. Taylor Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: University of California at Davis, Assistant Professor.

Keith Hankins (2015)
"Embracing Moral Luck." Adviser: David Schmidtz.   Original: Chapman University, Assistant Professor, and University of Melbourne, Junior Research Fellow & Leading Tutor.  Current: Chapman University, Assistant Professor and R C Hoiles Endowed Scholar.

Elizabeth Phillips (2015)
"Living Well."  Adviser: Julia Annas and Michael Gill.

Justin Tosi (2015)
"Legitimacy And Fairness."  Adviser: Tom Christiano.  Original: University of Michigan, Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: Texas Tech University, Assistant Professor.

Chad Van Schoelandt (2015)
"Justification And Social Morality." Adviser: Gerald Gaus. Original: Tulane University, Assistant Professor.

David Glick (2014)
"Structures And Objects: A Defense Of Structural Realism." Adviser: Richard Healey.  Original: University of Rochester, Visiting Assistant Professor.  Current: University of California at Davis, Lecturer.

Brandon Warmke (2014)
"Forgiveness And Responsibility." Adviser: Michael McKenna.  Original: Wake Forest University, The Character Project Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: Bowling Green State University, Assistant Professor.

Adam Arico (2013)
" The New Folk Psychology."  Adviser: Shaun Nichols.  Original: University of Wyoming, Visiting Lecturer.  Current: University of Alabama, Instructor.

Mike Bruno (2013)
"The Extended Conscious Mind."  Advisers:  Terry Horgan and David Chalmers.  Original: Mississippi State University, Visiting Assistant Professor.  Current:  Mississippi State University, Assistant Professor.

Marc Johansen (2013)
"Causing And Contributing."  Adviser: A. Carolina Sartorio and L. A. Paul.  Original: Creighton University, Assistant Professor.

Benjamin Kozuch (2013)
"Using Eliminative Methodology in the Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Consciousness."  Adviser: Uriah Kreigel.  Original: University of Arizona, Lecturer.  Current: University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Assistant Professor.

Victor Kumar (2013)
"Naturalizing Moral Judgment."  Adviser: Shaun Nichols.  Original:  University of Michigan, Two-Year Post-Doctoral Fellow; Current: Boston University, Assistant Professor.

Theresa Lopez (2013)
"The Moral Mind:  Emotion, Evolution, And The Case For Skepticism"  Adviser: Mark Timmons.  Original: Hamilton College, Chauncey Traux Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: Susquehanna University, Assistant Professor.

John Thrasher (2013)
"The Fundamental Problem of Politics."  Adviser: Jerry Gaus and David Schmidtz.  Original: Monash University, Melbourne, Continuing Lecturer (Permanent).  Current: Chapman University, Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy, Assistant Professor.

Jennifer Zamzow (2013)
"Moral Decision Making: How the Normative and Empirical Can Inform Our Prescriptive Accounts."  Adviser: Shaun Nichols.  Original: Carnegie Mellon, Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: University of Concordia at Irvine, Assistant Professor, and University of California at Los Angeles Continuing Education.

Will Braynen (2012)
"Beyond Price Signaling: Choice, Information and Justice."  Adviser:  Thomas Christiano.  Original: Stanford University, Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: Private industry.

Jacob Caton (2012)
"Models of Knowledge for Resource Bounded Agents."  Adviser: Stewart Cohen.  Original: Arkansas State University, Associate Professor.

Ian Evans (2012)
"Acceptance."  Adviser: Stewart Cohen.

Brian Fiala (2012)
"Explaining The Explanatory Gap."  Adviser: Terry Horgan.  Original: Washington University, St. Louis, Postdoctoral Fellow.  Subsequent: Dartmouth College, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Laura Howard (2012)
"What Situationism and Virtue Ethics Can Do For Corporate Ethical Culture: A Complement Model for Creating Business Ethics Programs."  Adviser: Michael Gill.  Original: University of Arizona, Lecturer and Academic Adviser.  Current: University of Arizona, Assistant Professor.

Emil Salim (2012)
"Four Puzzles On Aristotelian Pleasures And Pains."  Adviser:  Julia Annas.  Original: Reformed Theological Seminary, Jakarta, Indonesia, Senior Lecturer.

Daniel Silvermint (2012)
"Oppression and Victim Agency."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Original: Groupe de Recherche Interuniversitaire en Philosophie Politique (GRIPP)/Research Group on Constitutional Studies (RGCS) Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University.  Last known: University of Connecticut at Storrs, Assistant Professor.

Nathan Ballantyne (2011)
"Why We Disagree and Why it Matters."  Adviser: Stewart Cohen.  Original: Fordham University, Assistant Professor. Current: Fordham University, Associate Professor.

Helen Daly (2011)
"Vagueness and Borderline Cases."  Advisers: Terry Horgan and Shaughan Lavine.  Original: Colorado College, Assistant Professor. Current: Colorado College, Associate Professor.

Stephen Lenhart (2011)
"Cognitive Diversity and Scientific Progress."  Adviser: Richard Healey.  Original: Northern Arizona University, Visiting Assistant Professor.

Jason Matteson (2011)
"On Ethical Thoughtfulness."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano.  Original: Northern Arizona University, Visiting Assistant Professor.

Cole Mitchell (2011)
"Moral Supervenience and Descriptivist Metaethics."  Adviser:  Mark Timmons.  Original: Northern Arizona University, Visiting Lecturer.  Last known: Princeton University, Preceptor.

Anne Steadman (2011)
"The Immediacy of Phenomenal Concepts and Immediate Implications for Physicalism."  Adviser: Terry Horgan and Uriah Kriegel.  Original: California State University at Long Beach, Lecturer.  Current: Attorney.

Orlin Vakarelov (2011)
"General Situated Cognition."  Adviser:  Jenann Ismael.  Original placement: Humber College, Toronto, Instructor.  Last known: ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Duke University.

Kevin Vallier (2011)
"Liberal Politics and Public Faith: A Philosophical Reconciliation."  Adviser: Jerry Gaus.  Original: Brown University, Political Theory Project Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: Bowling Green State University, Associate Professor.

Robert Wagoner (2011)
"Seneca's Moral Philosophy: The Structure, Aims and Effects of Philosophical Study."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  Original: University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Assistant Professor. Current: University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Professor and Chair.

Anne Baril (2011)
"Eudaimonism and Epistemology: Epistemic Aspects of Eudaimonia and a Eudaimonist Approach in Epistemology."  Advisers: Julia Annas and Terry Horgan.  Original: University of New Mexico, Assistant Professor.  Subsequent: Washington University at St Louis, Lecturer.

Sara Bernstein (2010)
"Essays on Overdetermination." Advisers: L.A. Paul and Terry Horgan. Original: Duke University, tenure-track. Current: University of Notre Dame, Thomas J. and Robert T. Rolfs Associate Professor of Philosophy.

Doug Campbell (2010)
"The View from a Rare Oasis."  Adviser: Terry Horgan.  Original: University of Canterbury, Senior Lecturer.

Christopher Freiman (2010)
"Social Justice and Moral Psychology."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Current: College of William and Mary, Associate Professor.

Michelle Jenkins (2010)
"Seekers of Wisdom, Lovers of Truth: A Study of Plato's Philosopher."  Advisers: Julia Annas and Rachana Kamtekar.  Current: Whitman College, Associate Professor and Chair.

Simon Roberts-Thompson (2010)
"Slavery, Equality and Justice."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano. Original: University of Melbourne, Research Fellow.  Last known: St. Peter's College, Adelaide, Australia.

Marcus Arvan (2008)
"A Non-Ideal Theory of Justice."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano.  Original: University of British Columbia, Assistant Professor. Current: University of Tampa, Associate Professor and Chair.

Chris Brown (2008)
"Beneficence." Adviser: David Schmidtz. Original: National University of Singapore, Assistant Professor. Current: Private sector.

Farid Masrour (2008)
"Consciousness, Unity and Intentionality." Advisers: David Chalmers and Terry Horgan.  Original: Harvard University and New York University Postdoctoral Fellowships.  Current: University of Wisconsin, Madison, Associate Professor.

Lee Shepski (2008)
"The Reality Behind Moral Experience." Adviser: Mark Timmons. Original: University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Assistant Professor.  Deceased.

Matt Bedke (2007)
"Meta-Normativity." Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Current: University of British Columbia, Professor and Department Head.

Stephen Biggs (2007)
"Modality and Mind." Adviser: Terry Horgan.  Original : University of Toronto, Postdoctoral Fellow.  Current: Iowa State University, Associate Professor.

Jason Brennan (2007)
"The Best Moral Theory Ever: The Methodology of Moral Theorizing."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Original: Brown University.  Current: Georgetown University, Robert J. and Elizabeth Flanagan Family Term Professor.

Nicole Hassoun (2007)
"Poverty, Development and Globalization."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano.  Original: Carnegie Mellon, Assistant Professor.  Current: State University of New York at Binghamton, Professor.

Michaela Mueller (2007)
"Epistemic Luck, Epistemic Agency, and Skepticism." Adviser: Terry Horgan.

Stefan Sciaraffa (2007)
"The Meaning, Value, and Possibility of Being at Home in the Social World."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano.  Original: University of California, Davis, Visiting Assistant Professor.  Current: McMaster University, Professor.

Margaretta Slabey (2007)
"Proper Names, Improper Beliefs."  Adviser: Marga Reimer.  Original: Auburn University, Visiting Assistant Professor.

Paul Thorn (2007)
"Three Problems of Direct Inference."  Adviser: John Pollock.  Original: New College of Florida, Assistant Professor.  Subsequent: University Düsseldorf, Research Fellow.

Patrick Dieveney (2006)
"Indispensable Ontological Commitments."  Adviser: Shaughan Lavine.  Current: California State University, Long Beach, Associate Professor.

Justin Fisher (2006)
"Pragmatic Conceptual Analysis."  Adviser: Terry Horgan.  Original: University of British Columbia, tenure-track. Current: Southern Methodist University, Assistant Professor.

Allen Habib (2006)
"Promises and Promissary Obligations."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano.  Original: St. Cloud State University, Assistant Professor.  Current: University of Calgary, Assistant Professor.

Joel Martinez (2006)
"Livability and the Moral Perspective."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  Current: Lewis and Clark College, Associate Professor and Chair.

Joel Press (2006)
"The Employment of Intrinsically Defined Representations and Functions."  Adviser: Richard Healey.  Original: California University at Pennsylvania, Assistant Professor, tenure-track.  Current: California University at Pennsylvania, Associate Professor and Chair of Communication, Design and Culture.

Cara Nine (2005)
"The Morality of National Borders."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Current: University College Cork Ireland, Senior Lecturer.

Sarah Wright (2005)
"Virtue Epistemology: Its Proper Form and Its Applications."  Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  Original: University of Georgia, Assistant Professor.  Current: University of Georgia, Associate Professor.

Josh Cowley (2004)
"The Role of Inference in a Theory of Concepts."  Adviser: John Pollock.  Original: Bilkent University, Assistant Professor.

Rachael Poulsen Boch (2004)
"A Foundationalist Defense of the Given."  Adviser: John Pollock.  Original: Brigham Young University, Assistant Professor.

Jennifer Baker (2003)
"To Make Us Good: Ancient Eudaimonist Theories and Their Practical Ethic."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  Original: College of Charleston, tenure-track. Current: College of Charleston, Associate Professor.

Ashley McDowell (2003)
"Two Senses of Justification in Epistemology."  Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  Original: Kalamazoo College, tenure-track.

Brad Thompson (2003)
"The Nature of Phenomenal Content."  Adviser: David Chalmers.  Current: Southern Methodist University, Associate Professor.

Matt Zwolinski (2003)
"The Separateness of Persons and Distributive Justice."  Adviser: David Schmidtz. Current: University of San Diego, Professor and Director of the Center for Ethics, Economics and Public Policy.

Tim Bayne (2002)
"The Unity of Consciousness."  Adviser: David Chalmers.  Original: University of Oxford, tenure-track.  Current: Monash University, Professor.

Daniel Farnham (2002)
"Eudaimonism: A Rationalist Theory of the Good."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano.  Original: University of St. Thomas, Visiting Assistant Professor.  Last known: Saint John's University, Professor.

Todd Stewart (2002)
"Skepticism and the End of Moral Epistemology."  Adviser: Alvin Goldman. Current: Illinois State University, Associate Professor.

Anthony Gillies (2001)
"Rational Belief Change."  Adviser: John Pollock.  Original: University of Texas, Austin, Assistant Professor; Subsequent: Rutgers, Professor. Current: University of Arizona, Sherwin Scott Professor.

Scott Hendricks (2001)
"Belief and Theory of Reasons."  Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  Current: Clark University, Associate Professor.

Kristen Hessler (2001)
"A Theory of Interpretation for Human Rights."  Adviser: Allen Buchanan.  Original: Iowa State University, three-year renewable Assistant Professor.  Current: SUNY University at Albany, Associate Professor.

Cindy Holder (2001)
"Groups, Rights and Special Obligations: Towards An Ethics of Group Membership." Adviser: Allen Buchanan.  Current: University of Victoria, Associate Professor.

Avery Kolers (2001)
"Grounding Global Justice."  Adviser: Allen Buchanan.  Current: University of Louisville, Professor and Interim Chair.

Seungbae Park (2001)
"Scientific Realism Vs Scientific Antirealism."  Adviser: Richard Healey.  Current: Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea, Professor.

Mark Wunderlich (2001)
"Incomparability in Epistemology: Possibilities for Epistemic Justification and Knowledge."  Adviser: Alvin Goldman.  Last known: Union College, Dean of Studies.

Alan Belasco (2000)
"The Role of Detection in Mental Representation."  Adviser: John Pollock.  Private sector.

Joseph Cruz (2000)
"Epistemology in Scientific Image."  Adviser: Alvin Goldman.  Current: Williams College, Professor.

Scott LaBarge (2000)
"The Legacy of the Meno Paradox: Plato and Aristotle on Learning and Error."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  Current: Santa Clara University, Associate Professor.

Daniel Russell (2000)
"Plato on Pleasure and our Final End."  Adviser:Julia Annas.  Original: Wichita State University, tenure-track.  Current: University of Arizona, Professor.

Patrick Rysiew (2000)
"Contextualism In Epistemology."  Adviser: Alvin Goldman.  Current: University of Victoria, British Columbia, Professor.

Bongrae Seok (2000)
"Modularity of Mind, Encapsulation by Nature."  Adviser: Chris Maloney.  Current: Alvernia College, Associate Professor.

Rhonda Smith (2000)
"The Moral Implications of Self Respect."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Original: US Air Force Academy, Assistant Professor.

Christopher Griffin (1999)
"Democratic Collective Decisionmaking: Equality and Justice." Adviser: Thomas Christiano. Current: Northern Arizona University, Associate Dean of College of Arts and Letters and Associate Professor.

Mark Lebar (1999)
"Virtue Ethics and the Interests of Others."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  Original: Ohio University, tenure-track.  Current: Florida State University, Professor.

Jack Lyons (1999)
"The Consequences of a Faculty Psychology for a Theory of Epistemic Justification."  Adviser: Alvin Goldman.  Original: University of Arkansas, tenure-track. Current: University of Glasgow, Professor and Chair of Logic and Rhetoric.

Laleh Quinn (1999)
"Consciousness and Explanation."  Adviser: Chris Maloney.  Current: University of California, San Diego, Associate Project Scientist, Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center. 

Steven P. Scalet (1999)
"Justice and Responsibility."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Original: State University of New York, Binghamton, tenure-track.  Current: University of Baltimore,  Professor and Director of Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics.

David Truncellito (1999)
"The Concept of Epistemic Justification."  Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  Original: National Chung Cheng University, Assistant Professor, tenure-track.  Current: COO, Language Scholars LLC.

John Armstrong (1999)
"The Politics of Virtue in Plato's Laws."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  CUrrent: Southern Virginia University, Willis J. Smith Professor.

Greg Loeben (1998)
"Medical Futility."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano.  Original: Midwestern University, permanent.  Last known: A. T. Still University.

Terry L. Price (1998)
"Mistake and Moral Blameworthiness: An Account of the Exusing Force of Faultless Mistakes of Fact and Faultless Mistakes of Morality."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Current: University of Richmond, Professor and Coston Family Chair in Leadership and Ethics. 

Andre Ariew (1998)
"Innateness: A Developmental Account."  Adviser: Rob Cummins.  Original: University of Rhode Island, tenure-track.  Current: University of Missouri, Associate Professor.

Franz-Peter Griesmaier (1997)
"Simple Minds: A Cognitive Account of Theoretical Simplicity and the Epistemology of Understanding."  Adviser: Rob Cummins.  Current: University of Wyoming, Associate Professor.

Barbara Hall (1997)
"Fathers' Rights and Responsibilities."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Original: Georgia State University, tenure-track. Current: Cal State, East Bay, Associate Professor.

Michael King (1997)
"Analog Computation and Psychoneural Reduction."  Adviser: Rob Cummins.  Deceased.

Stephan McCaffery (1997)
"Deictic Use."  Adviser: Robert Harnish.  Attorney.

Joel Pust (1997)
"Intuitions as Evidence."  Adviser: Alvin Goldman.  Current: University of Delaware, Professor and Department Chair.

Linda Radzik (1997)
"The Nature of Normativity."  Adviser: David Schmidtz.  Current: Texas A&M University, Professor.

David Silver (1997)
"A Virtue Theory of Practical Reason."  Advisers: Jean Hampton (deceased), Thomas Christiano.  Original: University of Delaware, tenured.  Current: University of British Columbia, Associate Professor and Director of the W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics.

Juanita Simpson (1997)
"The Theoretical Foundations for an Environmental Ethic."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg. 

Jonelle DePetro (1996)
"Practical Rationality and the Limits of Instrumentalism."  Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  Current: Eastern Illinois University, Professor and Department Chair.

Patrick Fitzgerald (1997)
"Equality, Charity and Democracy."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Last known: Lawrence University, Edward F. Mielke Professor of Ethics and Associate Professor of Philosophy.  Deceased.

Ken O'Day (1995)
"Morality and Practical Reason."  Adviser: Jean Hampton.  Last known: University of Bristol, England.

David Gill (1994)
"Civic Equality and Social Justice in Aristotle."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  Original: University of California at Berkeley, tenure-track.

Thom Hudson (1994)
"Pluralisms and Political Self-Determination."  Adviser: Thomas Christiano.  Attorney.

Howard Klepper (1994)
"Children's Rights and Family Justice."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Original: Loyola University of Chicago, tenure-track.

Mark Perlman (1994)
"Conceptual Flux: The Case Against Misrepresentation."  Adviser: Rob Cummins.  Western Oregon University, Professor.

Michele Svatos (1994)
"The Structure of Virtue Ethics."  Adviser: Julia Annas.  Original: Iowa State University, tenure-track.  Current: Eastfield College, Professor.

Christopher "Kit" Wellman (1994)
"Liberalism, Self-Determination, and Secession."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Original: Georgia State University, tenure-track.  Current: Washington University at St Louis, Dean of Academic Planning and Professor.

Laura Ekstrom (1993)
"Freedom, Coherence, and the Self."  Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  William and Mary University, Francis S. Haserot Distinguished Professor.

Don Fawkes (1993)
"Cognitive Grounds for Choice Among Equally Well Confirmed Alternative Physical Theories."  Adviser: Henry Byerly.  Original: Fayetteville State University, tenure-track.

Gail Merten (1993)
"Searching for Theory X: A Quality-Only Approach to the Problem of Future Generations."  Adviser: Holly Smith.

Jan Thomas (1993)
"The Frog is a Liar: What We Can Say About What We Can Do."  Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  Current: University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Professor.

Clark Wolf (1993)
"A Theory of Intergenerational Justice."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Original: University of Georgia, tenure-track.  Current: Iowa State University, Director and Professor of Bioethics.

J. Angelo Corlett (1992)
"Moral Compatibilism: Rights and Compensation Responsibility Punishment."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  San Diego State University, Professor.

Jeff Hershfield (1992)
"Reduction and Explanation in the Theory of Content."  Adviser: Joseph Tolliver.  Wichita State University, Associate Professor and Director.

Kihyeon Kim (1992)
"The Defense Activation Theory of Epistemic Justification."  Adviser: Alvin Goldman.  Original: University of Oklahoma, tenure-track.

Russell Shafer-Landau (1992)
"Moral Indeterminacy."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Current: University of Wisconsin at Madison, Professor.

Leopold Stubenberg (1992)
"Consciousness and Qualia."  Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  University of Notre Dame, Associate Professor Emeritus.

Scott Sturgeon (1992)
"Having Reason in Mind."  Adviser: John Pollock. Original: University of London, Lecturer.  Current: University of Birmingham, Professor.

Joe Campbell (1991)
"The Logic of Freedom." Adviser: Keith Lehrer.  Current: Washington State University, Professor.

Ann Levey (1991)
"Liberty, Property and the Foundations of Libertarianism."  Adviser: Allen Buchanan.  Current: University of Calgary, Associate Professor.

Ed Covey (1990)
"Becoming Persons: The Ethical Problems of Potentiality, Identity and Kinds."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Original: Russell Sage College, Assistant Professor.  Last known: Educational testing consultant.

Jordan L. Curnutt (1990)
"Guilding the Lily? Metaethical Studies in Environmental Philosophy."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Current: St. Cloud State University, Professor.

George Rainbolt (1990)
"The Concept of Rights."  Adviser: Joel Feinberg.  Current: Georgia State University, Professor and Chair.